Chatbot Ecosystem

AI Driven Bot Ecosystem

Conversational SaaS platform enabling businesses to effectively build, deploy, manage and scale advanced chatbot solutions from one place.

Conversation Flow Designer

Create advanced human-like conversations quickly and without coding.


Smart & Powerful Workflow Engine

Until now chatbots were interfaces difficult to visualize. Configure complex, integrated conversational experiences with unmatched flexibility.


Collaborate Across Teams & Departments

In designing communication workflows it is critical that your team remains in the same place. Let any team member help you design the perfect chatbot communication.


Realtime Preview
and Testing

See previews of your conversations while you build them directly inside our designer with a built-in WebChat dialog interface. Review and write comments.


Integrate out-of-the-box with CRMs, ERPs, ATSs,
eCommerce and other backend systems.

Powerful Business

Learn from what your users are saying
and improve chatbots accordingly.

Enterprise-Level Infrastructure

Feedyou AI Driven Bot Ecosystem is a multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS solution,
reaching highest level of scalability, data security and GDPR complience.

SaaS and On-premises

Feedyou Bot Ecosystem for every customer is isolated instance which can run in Microsoft Azure Cloud managed by Feedyou or in your own subscription as on-premise deployment.

Enterprise Services

Design and development of custom conversational interfaces, support, specific integrations and trainings. Professional services are delivered by our consultants or our Partners.

Unlimited Scaling

Handle big peak traffic thanks to multiple deployment environments from development to production.

Security by Design

Feedyou ensures GDPR compliance and highest data security standards by using Microsoft Azure infrastructure and security best practices in product development.

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