Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

Streamline your 1st line support and be available 24/7.

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Chatbot benefits for your customer service team

  • Respond instantly with “always-ready” support
  • Spend less time answering repetitive queries 
  • Your team can focus on more demanding tasks
  • The chatbot is an extra helper during peak hours
  • Reduce contact centre costs
  • Allows multilingual support
  • Happier team

What benefits get your customers?

  • Instant and fast replies
  • Self-service problem solving without long waiting time
  • Support provided even outside business hours
  • Happier customers

Chatbots can help you with


Interactive web guide

Assist and navigate your customers to find what they need.


Answer repetitive queries

See the real questions your customers are asking and adapt your service to match.


Solve customer complaints

Chatbot can ask exactly what does not work, create a ticket and collect relevant data for your helpdesk/service desk.


Collect feedback and measuring CX

Through the chatbot, it is possible to actively collect feedback and further increase customer satisfaction according to the data obtained.

Measure everything

Chatbot data at your fingertips in real-time.

  • Track live conversations
  • Keep an eye on overall chatbot health in real time
  • Personalize dashboard to track specific KPIs
  • Merge with data from other systems to get
    complex insights
Gartner Peer Insights

Feedyou drives our digital transformation with passion
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It was great and very quick, only after a few meetings, Feedyou helped us deploy our very first customer support chatbots in our web portal and mobile app which are now used by over 150 enterprise clients, 15 000 employees and 2 000 partners. It took us about 4 weeks to go live.

– Services Industry, Company Size: 50M – 250M USD ➜ Read full review

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See successful chatbot implementations in your field.


Czech Chamber of Commerce

Urgent problems require urgent solutions. After only 10 days of development, our COVID-19 response chatbot has helped thousands of Czech businesses.


Social Media Survey

More than 1,000 social media specialists shared information about their jobs, habits and even wages, during a chatbot powered survey.



A chatbot for streamlining technical support for an extensive network of financial advisers and managers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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