AI Driven Bot Ecosystem

Enterprise conversational chatbot ecosystem to build, manage and scale
advanced conversational interfaces from one place.


Graphical conversation designer

Feedbot Designer is a graphical editor to design human-like conversations quickly and without coding from one convenient location.

Smart and powerful workflow engine

Until now chatbots were interfaces difficult to visualize. Configure complex, integrated conversational experiences with unmatched flexibility.

Collaborate across entire team

In designing communication workflows it is critical that your team remains on the same place. Let any member of your team help you to design perfect bot communication.

Realtime preview and testing

See previews of your conversations while you build them directly inside the designer with a built-in WebChat, Facebook Messenger or Viber dialog window.

Integrated Natural Language Understanding

Understand what your users are saying thanks to integrations with major NLP engines including Microsoft LUIS, Geneea and Alexa Prize Winner Alquist.

Communicate in any language

Spark your chatbot conversation with language-independent NLP technology that offers amazing results in small languages like Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish or Serbian, but also does well in English, Spanish or any other global language.

Train or extend your NLP model

Create your own NLP models for various purposes, train them and extend and customise them on regular basis via built-in Feedbot Designer NLP module.

Predefined NLP model templates

Create your own NLP models for various purposes, train them and extend and customise them on regular basis via built-in Feedbot Designer NLP module.

Integrate with 3rd party services

3rd party data can always boost up the conversational experience delivered by Feedyou chatbots. On the other hand, chatbot conversations can create valuable data for your business, which can be stored, analyzed and re-used. No matter if CRM, ATS, ERP. Integrate with these third-party data sources or data storages directly through Feedyou’s integration capabilities.

Deploy and launch your bots anywhere

Design your conversation for all major platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Viber, Slack or Microsoft Teams. Use our own fully-customisable Webchat to run your chatbots anywhere on your website, in your mobile app or CRM.





MS Teams












Enterprise-level Infrastructure

Feedyou Bot Ecosystem is available as single-tenant and multi-tenant Cloud SaaS and on-premises, reaching highest level of data security and GDPR compliant.

SaaS and On-premises

Feedyou Bot Ecosystem can run in Azure Cloud managed by Feedyou or on your own infrastructure as on-premise deployment.

Enterprise Services

Design and development of custom conversational interfaces, support, custom integration development and trainings. Professional services are delivered by our consultants or our Partners.

Unlimited Scaling

Handle big peak traffic thanks to multiple deployment environments from development to production.

Security by Design

Feedyou ensures GDPR compliance and highest data security standards by using MS Azure infrastructure and security best practices in product development.

Measure, analyse and improve

See all your bots performing thanks to our in-built dashboards. Every conversation is stored, analysed and displayed and improving chatbot performance and matching chatbot KPI’s never was that easy. Integrate with your existing BI tools like Power BI or GA.