Automate Your Education System

Enhance your learning processes, increase students engagement, collect feedback using a chatbot in education.

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The chatbot can help you with


Education consultancy

  • The chatbot can communicate with students on all subjects of elementary, secondary, high school and up to university levels
  • The chatbot provides quick resolution to queries that prospective students often ask

Ease of learning

  • Technology can make a teacher’s job much easier
  • The chatbot make learning as fun and interesting for the students as possible
  • It is integrated into Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and other social media apps

Onboarding process

  • A chatbot can be one of the ways to handle the adaptation process
  • How to accommodate
  • How to find out your schedule
  • Can help to register for the exam
  • Advise what places to visit around

Internal & external communication

  • The chatbot can communicate selected topics to a wide group of “users”
  • Primary and secondary schools can communicate also with parents through the chatbot

Feedback collection

  • Ideal for teachers and institutes to use chatbot services to collect students or parents feedback
  • It is possible to find out the respondents’ opinion on various topics related to educational institutions or subjects

Measure everything

Chatbot data at your fingertips in real-time.

  • Track live conversations
  • Keep an eye on overall chatbot health in real time
  • Personalize dashboard to track specific KPIs
  • Merge with data from other systems to get
    complex insights
Gartner Peer Insights

Easy to build, deploy and scale bot solutions from one place.

With Feedyou, it’s simple and effective to build chatbot solutions by non-technical people, to deploy and scale them based on the data and users’ feedback. It’s easy to connect various channels such as web, mobile, instant messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, …), and different NLP models.

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Chatbots are also used in


Customer Service

24/7 availability no waiting time, supporting existing customer service.



Direct & automated interaction with your prospects and customers.



New sales channels & target groups, connection to existing systems.



Automated support with personnel development and onboarding.

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