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HR Manager

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Benefits of HR chatbots for your processes

24/7 chatbot availability

Be in touch with candidates and your employees whenever and wherever they are. 62% of candidates talk to our HR chatbots between 6 to 10 pm and 25% of them during the weekends.

33-70% completion rate

Communicate and preselect candidates more naturally. More candidates actually apply for a job via chatbot than through a web form.

3x quicker

Accelerate the movement of candidates through the recruiting process from application to hire.

23-80% time & cost savings

Handle up to 80% of your repetitive tasks automatically and focus on the more value-added activities.

Automate any HR task and allow your team to focus on the work that matters most


Sourcing & recruitment

Hiring in tens to hundreds brings scale issues for HR. A chatbot can help in the screening process by not only getting prospective employees information but also performing professional background checks and scheduling interviews.


Onboarding & retention

Chatbots make onboarding truly a self-serve process thanks to the ability to talk to employees onsite and interact with workforce management software. Ensure that your new arrivals get everything they need to adapt just smoothly.



Employees spend many hours each month searching for basic company-related information. Chatbots can serve as a virtual HR assistant that helps them get answers they are looking for, making them more productive and satisfied.


Instant employee feedback

More than 58% of HR managers say that the traditional review process is outdated and ineffective. Chatbots allow for the instant exchange of feedback and performance insights that allow employees to be the best at what they do.



By deploying chatbots you will get another channel for building a brand and positive PR among candidates. They will receive all the information about you and your culture without waiting and in a cool form.



HR training using chatbots is very effective since it involves more interactive participation by employees rather than sitting through a standard training video or watching a PowerPoint presentation.



Benefits enrollment is one of the most confusing and frustrating pieces of the HR process. Employees spend vast amounts of time trying to understand the process and complete the required forms etc.


Candidate experience

Getting honest feedback on the recruitment process from a job candidate is very difficult and sometimes almost impossible. With a well-set chatbot it will be easy and fun.

Measure everything

Chatbot data at your fingertips in real-time.

  • Track live conversations
  • Keep an eye on overall chatbot health in real time
  • Personalize dashboard to track specific KPIs
  • Merge with data from other systems to get
    complex insights
Gartner Peer Insights

Excellent SaaS chatbot solution for Industry 4.0.

We use Feedyou Bot Ecosystem for designing chatbots for our recruitment processes. It took us 2 weeks to deploy chatbots that are able to convince passive candidates to discuss their past working experience in manufacturing and to preselect those who are interested. After a year, chatbots are one of the most powerful recruitment channels in our mix, saving us approx. 130 working hours per month by screening candidates and answering the most common questions over and over again.

– Manufacturing Industry, Company Size: 50M – 250M USD ➜ Read full review

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Panasonic Automotive

Three times award winning chatbot solution for the recruitment of production workers from Serbia and Ukraine.


Grafton Recruitment

To help polish the HR processes, we have deployed 5 chatbots in 5 languages with record breaking conversion rates.



4 months to fill up the trainee program, 68 preselected candidates for engineering positions.

Internet Effectiveness Awards
Internet Effectiveness Awards
KYB Global Kaizen Award
HR Excellence Awards 2019

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