Chatbots for Manufacturing

AI Driven Chatbots as Part of Digital Transformation

The role of automation has never been to fully replace human workers, but rather make our work easier. Smart technologies with chatbots and conversational artificial intelligence enhance communication between teams, speed up onboarding and employee adoption, and streamline internal helpdesk and service desk.

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What benefits we deliver through AI driven chatbots


Instant support

Immediate response to a new employee need or requirement.


Faster onboarding

Shorter learning curve of a new employee during the first days at work.


Interactive guiding

Chatbot as a key point navigation and process validation for new employees without need for personal supervision.

Great to implement chatbots for the following areas

01. Onboarding and trainings


Chatbot as an interactive workplace guide

  • Where is the canteen?
  • How can I order lunch?
  • Where do I get my work clothes?
  • Where do I find toolboxes and work material?
  • How do I get to my workplace?
  • Which machine I am supposed to work on?
  • I have a problem with my tools. What do I need to do? Where to go?

Possibility to use chatbots for entry trainings and spaced-interval learning


Collecting instant feedback and measuring employee satisfaction


Working on any device – mobile, tablet, VR/AR device

03. Employee satisfaction

More than 58% of managers say that the traditional review process is outdated and ineffective. Chatbots allow for the instant exchange of feedback and performance insights that allow employees to constantly be the best at what they do.

Our ready-to-use solution can be among your employees within hours, in both standardized and fully-custom chatbot version.

04. Recruitment

Hiring in tens to hundreds brings scale issues for HR. Chatbot can help in the screening process by not only getting prospective employees information but also performing professional background checks and scheduling interviews.

It doesn’t matter if you search for people for your production department, backoffice or for your business or development team,
our ready-to-use solution can help you.

These chatbot solutions can be yours.

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