Recruitment Chatbot

Change The Way You Interact With Candidates

Trusted by companies across industries:

Improve your recruitment process


Engage immediately

Get in touch with candidates whenever they have time.


Recommend suitable jobs

Based on candidate preferences.


Answer questions

Respond to frequently asked questions via already pre-trained NLP models.


Screen candidates

Confirm that candidates meet your minimum requirements.


Schedule interview

Find time for an interview with a human recruiter.


Retain relationship

Send candidates reminders via chat, email or sms.

What you get in return


Chatbot Availability

Be in touch with candidates whenever and wherever they are. 62% of candidates talk to our recruitment chatbots between 6 to 10 pm and 25% of them during the weekends.


Completion Rate

Communicate and preselect candidates more naturally. More candidates actually apply for a job via chatbot than through a web form.


Quicker Hiring

Accelerate the movement of candidates through the recruiting process from application to hire.

Ready-to-use solution for these job positions

Start with your recruitment chatbots immediately.

Production Operators

Warehouse Workers

Forklift Drivers

Call Centre Operators


Sales Consultants

Shop Assistants

Back Office Staff

Hospitality Staff

Trainees & Interns

Production Technologists

IT Developers

Analytics Dashboard

Chatbot data at your fingertips in real-time.

This chatbot solution can be yours.