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Sales Manager

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Benefits of chatbots for your sales team

Increase website conversion with chatbots, and grow revenue through real-time conversations.

  • Connect with website visitors in real-time
  • Qualify a lead
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Help customers track their orders
  • Offer customers a personalized discount and vouchers
  • Remarket customers and send them back to the chatbot conversation to finish it
  • Connect a live operator to the communication
  • Collect feedback

Chatbots can help you with



The chatbot engages immediately and asks questions about customers’ requirements. It can help them navigate to the right product or service and pass the conversation to your sales team with all data already gathered.


Customer support

Transform boring FAQs into an engaging chatbot. Support your customers in real-time and automatically answer up to 80% of repetitive queries.



Connect chatbot to your calendar and allow visitors to self-schedule an appointment according to your availability and without the need of any human intervention.


Customer complaints

The chatbot can ask exactly what does not work or what is wrong, and collect relevant data for your customer team to fix it as soon as possible.



Before buying a product, chatbot recommends a complementary product (for example, coffee and another additional assortment for the coffee machine). Alternatively, adjust the discount according to the size of the purchase.



The chatbot allows you to subscribe to news and let your customers know via push notifications on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS etc.


Customer satisfaction

Collecting feedback is an integral task for any business. Assess how your customers feel about your product/service and your customer support.



Chatbot helps analyze consumer preferences and gather additional information to further improve customer experience and increase revenue.

Measure everything

Chatbot data at your fingertips in real-time.

  • Track live conversations
  • Keep an eye on overall chatbot health in real time
  • Personalize dashboard to track specific KPIs
  • Merge with data from other systems to get
    complex insights
Gartner Peer Insights

Gaining competitive advantage due to a professional chatbot solution.

As a digital marketing agency we were looking for a disruptive tool helping us to differ our campaigns from our client’s competitors and helping them to automate the sales processes. With chatbots we are getting the valuable leads for our clients and enabling them their clustering in much shorter time than from any other channels, thus we have made their sales processes much more efficient.

– Services Industry, Company Size: <50M USD ➜ Read full review

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