Career Fair

A chatbot that sells tickets for one of the best and most original job fairs in the Czech Republic.

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  • Problem

    The organiser of the Career Fair and the operator of the portal, Petr Skondrojanis, turned to us for help. He wanted the first year of his Career Fair conference to be sold out as quickly as possible. The conference is mainly intended for students and graduates. The sales channels should therefore also correspond to this target audience.

  • Our solution

    We suggested to Petr that we create a ticket sales chatbot that will target students and graduates whom we are able to reach via Facebook and Instagram campaigns. We presumed that the chatbot on Facebook Messenger would be the best and most effective channel for our target group of millennials. At the same time, we helped Petr with a campaign on social networks.

About the Career Fair

The Career Fair is an event that connects students and graduates with companies in a different way. It’s place where potential employees can meet “their” new company and understand its values. The organisers create an environment that will help young talents better understand their strengths and find out how to utilise them on their path to a happy working life.

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