The female Terka chatbot, and the Vítek chatbot, for communicating with millennials on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and on a career websites such as jobs.cz.

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  • Problem

    The client was trying to find the best way to reach students and graduates of technical faculties in the Czech Republic for their ČEZ Summer University. They were interested in covering the largest possible spectrum of potential candidates. At the same time, they wanted to offer two-way communication without the need to employ human “operators”. The ideal outcome would be a motivated student or a graduate who would provide all the data necessary to apply for a position at the Summer University, and who would have received all the available information about this event and about ČEZ.

  • Our solution

    Together with the client and graduates of ČEZ Summer University, we created 2 chatbots, Tereza and Vítek, who imitated the views and answers of real graduates of the Summer University. We also created a recruitment campaign on Facebook and Instagram, which led the applicant directly to our chatbot. Instead of forcing millennials to search for information on websites or having them wait on an “operator” on Messenger, ČEZ offered them a means of communication that they are accustomed to using in their everyday lives.

8 weeks

messages and queries
of respondents ultimately sent a complete application

Where are we now

Again, we have found that chatbots are the clear winner over classic questionnaires and they helped fill the capacity of ČEZ Summer University with relevant profiles. It clearly goes to show that classic questionnaires have already lost their touch. Voting via chatbot keeps people entertained and, among other things, contributes to innovativeness and positive PR for every business.

What they’ve said about us

Following our positive experience with Feedyou chatbots, we are now starting to address this area more systematically and we plan to deploy more chatbots for communicating with candidates in all strategic positions, including integration into our ATS.Martin Máca, HR expert @ ČEZ a.s.

About ČEZ

ČEZ a.s. is the largest electricity provider in the Czech Republic and the parent company of the ČEZ Group, which is an association comprising dozens of other companies. The ČEZ brand represents a producer and supplier of energy in a total of 7 countries, and, thus, maintains a strong position among energy companies in Central and Southeast Europe.

What we’re planning next

We are looking forward to the next iteration of ČEZ Summer University, and we hope that we will be able to launch more chatbots in strategic ČEZ departments in the meantime.

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