Continental is more than just tyres. This is the main message we have been spreading among young people, potential candidates for the Trainee program, and technology professionals.

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  • Problem

    At Continental, they first wondered about how to attract as many high school and college students as possible to their Trainee program in the shortest possible time, but through a new and novel way. In addition, they needed help recruiting technologists for their manufacturing plant in Trutnov.

  • Our solution

    Together with the client, we defined what their expectations were. We analysed who we wanted to address,, how Continental Trutnov fares among its competitors, and what unique sales pitch they had. We created 16 paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to address trainees and 8 advertisements to address manufacturing technologists. We contacted employees, and created the Richard chatbot to recruit technologists on the basis of their instructions.

It took us 4 months to fill up the Trainee program

This usually took 12 months, using traditional channels (job boards, offline media) without chatbot.

increase in interest in the Trainee program

6 months

people interested in Engineer position communicated with the recruitment chatbot
candidates preselected by the chatbot
prize for one relevant candidate profile

Where are we now

With our campaign, we were able to completely fill Continental’s Trainee program in a record-breaking 4 months, and the very successful Robert chatbot brought the client 68 relevant profiles who were interested in working in the Trutnov factory.

What they’ve said about us

Normally it would take us a year to fill up a trainee program, but with Feedyou, we accomplished it in 4 months.Hana Jančulová, Senior HR Specialist @ Continental

The Trutnov plant is the flagship of Continental Czech Republic and it determines the pace at which we are digitising in the area of recruitment.We are not really concerned with the number of people who are recruited via the chatbot, but rather with testing and setting up this new technology for communicating with candidates and our employees. We now have a chatbot ready to recruit technologists and, starting from September, we will be working on a mobile app with chatbots for internal communication, easier orientation in our benefits and the permanent feedback collection from our people.Hana Jančulová, Senior HR Specialist @ Continental

We are truly satisfied with Feedyou. I have to appreciate their commitment and perfect approach. They communicate and create using the language of today’s millennials, and they know what they want. They managed to find a superb and functional combination of our corporate standards and the needs of this online generation. That is why we are expanding our collaboration with Feedyou, and we plan on deploying chatbots across the entire Continental Automotive Czech Republic group. Hana Jančulová, Senior HR Specialist @ Continental Trutnov

I think this is a trend that has been on the market for quite some time now and it gives us the de facto opportunity to shift recruitment activities in a more technological direction towards modern trends, while at the same time finding ways to communicate with the new generations Y and Z, who feel at home on social networks.Milan Souček, Country EBR & HR Communication @ Continental Automotive Czech Republic

What we’re planning next

Based on the positive responses to Richard’s humour and the vision of Continental to become a digital leader in the automotive industry, we are working on a strategy for automating communication with the help of chatbots, not only in the field of recruitment, but also in the management of benefits and internal communication.

About Continental

Continental AG is a German manufacturer of automotive components that specialises in tyres, brake systems, electronic stabilisation programmes,combustion engine injection systems, tachographs and other components. The company is based in Hannover, Lower Saxony, and has branches and manufacturing facilities all over the world. In the Czech Republic, Continental operates in 7 locations.

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