Czech Chamber of Commerce

Urgent problems require urgent solutions. After only 10 days of development, our chatbot for COVID-19-related questions has helped thousands of Czech businesses.

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The COVID-19 crisis has not only brought enormous problems to the health sector, thousands of entrepreneurs had to face many obstacles on a road to save their businesses. The Czech Chamber of Commerce had to react immediately and provide the needed help. The amount of questions has soon become unbearable and impossible to handle by call-centre operators.


Our solution

In such an urgent case, we needed to act quickly. In only 10 days we have developed and deployed a chatbot (named “Komorník”) on the website of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and on their Facebook page. The users were able to ask the chatbot a predefined set of frequently asked questions during the crisis and get fast answers. This eliminated the need for human operators and unloaded the Chamber’s hotline.

Results after 12 months

users communicated with the chatbot
claimed the chatbot has helped
on average to answer users' questions

Chatbot handles the following queries

1. Releasing of safe measures
2. Financial support

3. Tax benefits / bonuses
4. Rents

5. Employment
6. Trips abroad

7. Protective equipment
8. Useful information

What they’ve said about us

The main goal of the Czech Chamber of Commerce is to help enterprises and self-employed people. During the COVID-19 crisis, thousands of business eyes focused on us, hoping for our help. Chatbot was a necessary solution for us to be able to satisfy thousands of questions that we received. Only thanks to the fast and professional work from Feedyou, it was possible to create the chatbot in a record time. That helped the Czech Chamber of Commerce at a time when everyone was expecting the help from us. Jakub Čacký, Business Development Manager @ Czech Chamber of Commerce


What’s next

Without any hesitation, together with the Czech Chamber of Commerce, we are preparing further implementations of chatbots on their website. Chatbot has proven to be a communication tool especially for handling a large number of queries, so we have already begun building other FAQ branches for Trade and Services. Along with this, we are preparing for further deployments of chatbots for current and new members of the Chamber and further development in the future.


About the Czech Chamber of Commerce

The Czech Chamber of Commerce is the only legal representative of entrepreneurs in the country, it strives especially for the development of the business environment in the Czech Republic and in the European Union. It is also the largest representative of the business sphere, it currently represents 15 thousand sole traders, small, medium and large companies in all fields except agriculture, food and forestry organized in 68 regional and 102 branch associations.

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