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3,777 inquiries about the Czech Republic’s favourite employers were handled in 3 months by our chatbot, Josefina, a digital copy of the competition’s ambassador.

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  • Problem

    The Employers Club organises an annual poll among students, from which a prestigious ranking of the most sought-after employers in the Czech Republic by students and graduates is created. In recent years, participants in the poll completed comprehensive questionnaires created on the Google Forms platform. However, many participants in the survey never completed the form or left right in the middle of the survey due to a complicated questionnaire design. Therefore, the client was looking for a solution that would ensure polls were completed by as many young people as possible and that would also increase the number of people who complete the survey. In recent years, there has also been a problem with evaluating filled-in questionnaires, where reading and manual overwriting took organisers hundreds of hours every year to complete.

  • Our solution

    Together with the client, we created the Josefina chatbot, a copy of a real Josefina who studies at Charles University. She was tasked with finding out as much as possible, in just 5 minutes, about who students and graduates considered to be the perfect employer via Facebook Messenger, and to get them involved in the Most Sought-After Employer Among Students competition. To promote the competition, we started a Facebook and Instagram campaign, of which 50% of our visitors used the chatbot and 50% of our visitors used the original Google Forms questionnaire, so that we could compare the effectiveness of these two channels for the client. At the same time, we prepared an ecosystem in which the collected data was automatically evaluated, and the poll did not require any further manual work.

3 months

completed questionnaires
success rate of chatbot compared with the questionnaire
working days were saved during the evaluation

Where are we now

We have clearly shown that replacing a boring form or chart with a chatbot is the right way forward. The chatbot motivates people more to complete a survey and is able to evaluate the data immediately. This helps leave out the dull and most frustrating part of any across-the-board questionnaire.

Here are other areas where a chatbot could replace the questionnaire:

  1. 360 Degree Feedback (measuring employee satisfaction once a year).
  2. Instant feedback (measuring employee satisfaction several times a month).
  3. Creating a corporate vision and the completion of corporate values by all employees.
  4. Feedback about past HR events.
  5. Entry questionnaires upon hiring a new employee.
  6. Benefit applications.
  7. Registration for internal events, hackathons and conferences.
  8. Questionnaire surveys for the HR sub-agenda.

What they’ve said about us

Automation of repetitive activities in communication with candidates in accordance with EVP (Employer Value Proposition) is the main HR theme for 2018/2019. Companies that do not respond to this fact will see a rise in employee attrition rates, because they will not have enough time to spend on their employees due to the constant recruitment of new people. I’m glad that we were able to test out our own chatbot. With the help of the Josefina chatbot, we made history by receiving the most votes in the whole 25 years that the Most Sought-After Employer Among Students competition has existed
Pavel Hulák, Founder and Director @ Employers’ Club;

About the Employers Club

The Employers Club [public benefit entity] helps to improve the quality of human resource management, actively participates in the development of education at all levels, supports the creation of skilled jobs, and contributes to increasing the competitiveness of the Czech Republic. The Employers Club pays special attention to promoting cooperation between companies, secondary schools and universities. In addition to the EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR award, the Club also organises SCHOOLS RECOMMENDED BY EMPLOYERS evaluations at both a regional and a national level.

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