A chatbot for streamlining technical support for an extensive network of financial advisers and managers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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  • Problem

    Fincentrum has an extensive network of financial advisers and field managers, and the success of their work largely depends on functioning IT technology and applications in use. A large number of repetitive technical support queries occurs in everyday communication. The goal was to reduce the time needed to respond to repetitive queries, thereby enabling technical support to address more serious issues. The client’s motivation was to introduce modern technologies for digitising and automating internal processes in a fashion similar to what large foreign financial groups have been doing.

  • Our solution

    Together with Fincentrum, we designed a technical support chatbot. The chatbot allows financial advisors and managers in the Czech and Slovak Republics to solve real-time problems 24/7 and provide help immediately without any unnecessary waiting. The chatbot can solve many of the queries completely on its own, without the help of technical support staff. Even when intervention is necessary, the chatbot reduces the amount of time it takes to resolve a query by providing online help and filtering queries. Pareto’s principle can be applied here perfectly as 80% of the questions make up 20% of the same topics. The only difference between these questions is that they are formulated differently.

7 months

conversations per month
of the conversations were resolved by the chatbot without any intervention
reduction in the amount of time necessary to complete a task

The chatbot deals with:

  • Reporting IT service downtimes in the Fincentrum group.
  • Helping with the purchasing of licenses.
  • Helping with internal application functionalities.
  • Resolving GDPR-related queries.
  • Specifying certain IT support queries, and connecting them to the right person who is best qualified to handle the problem.

What we’re planning next

For the next year, we are aiming to continuously develop the chatbot and implement artificial intelligence to reduce the workload of the Fincentrum IT Helpdesk by 50%. After 6 months of collaboration, now is the ideal time to engage in more advanced technology, including AI and NLP. At the same time, we are supplementing the sets of questions and answers with new ones, which we have obtained from advisers during live operation. The goal is to make the chatbot the primary means of communication for technical support, which is why we are also helping Fincentrum change their internal processes. We are working hard to ensure that, when a phone call is received, technical support will first recommend trying to solve the problem via the chatbot. This allows us to obtain additional data on problems that occur, so that we have the “ammunition” for teaching the chatbot.

About Fincentrum

Fincentrum a.s. is one of the three leading financial-consulting companies in the Czech Republic with over 3,000 consultants in the Czech Republic and 1,500 consultants in Slovakia. Their consultancy is, without exception, oriented on the quality and interests of the client. The company shares quality financial advice values with its consultants and business partners. Fincentrum’s consultants offer their clients a choice of the largest number of financial institutions and their products, which allows them to resolve almost any situation that a client might face.

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