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Hello, Guten Tag, Ciao… Ipsos chatbots already help with recruitment in 13 countries and speak 6 languages.

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In Ipsos, they often don’t know where to jump first. How could they, when they are the world’s top market researcher and customers are rushing to them from every possible direction. They are constantly looking around the world for new people to join their team, while an endless avalanche of repetitive inquiries pours on their recruiters. Sounds like just the job for chatbots!



It‘s a pleasure to introduce „Fred“: The Fred assistant handles up to 72 % of all general inquiries, 52 % of communications take place outside working hours. And why not, when that‘s the way candidates prefer it. At Ipsos, they use their own Feedyou Platform license, where they can breathe life into as many Freds as they want and teach them any language too.

„The name Fred or Alfred is of English origin and means „wise counselor“. Both to us and the people at Ipsos, it seemed like the perfect name for a chatbot. And what would you name your assistant?”

Jana Kup, Account Manager

What is Fred able to do


Signs candidates up

Fred welcomes every visitor, gives them advice, and guides them through the registration process, which is the first step to becoming an Ipsos Mystery Shopper.


Helps with contracts

It would not be possible without a contract. Fred will present all the possibilities of partnership, and when users choose one, he will help them fill out the contracts. „Good job, Fred!”


Trains new colleagues

No man is born wise, which is why Fred is here to lend a hand and explain everything to the newcomers. And, if necessary, he’ll connect them with his flesh-and-blood colleagues in technical support.

We like these numbers

countries and 7 languages. So far…
conversations outside working hours
contacts without human help

Fred in the robes of Kate

Unless you’re looking to be a market researcher in your country, you probably won’t be able to talk to Fred. But we’ve got Katka here, so feel free to have a few words with her.

You can meet the chatbot Katka on the populace.cz website, where different people give different opinions on different topics. This can be done through online questionnaires, telephone, and group discussions. Katka, like Fred, is here to help people with signing up, filling out questionnaires, and rewards. Thanks to her, you won’t get lost on the site. She can speak Czech, German or English.

What did they say about us

We are very happy with our decision to deploy Feedyou chatbots on our site. In the 13 countries where we use chatbots, we have thousands of people registering daily, which is usually not without additional questions. While questions about our projects still require a human on the other side, the chatbot makes it easier for us to deal with general questions. All teams love it, as it leaves them more time to tackle their projects. Natalia Trubanova, GSC Digital Marketing Manager @ Ipsos


About Ipsos

Ipsos Group is a world leader in market research. Their annual global revenues in 2018 were EUR 1.75 billion (according to IFRS). They have offices in 88 countries and employ over 18,000 people on all continents. Ipsos offers their clients not merely the data collection itself, but more importantly a true understanding of society, the market, and the people. Ipsos uses the latest insights from science and technology. It has a wide range of research tools and experienced teams. They pass on their knowledge and experience not only to clients but also to other international offices.

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