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Remoska Survey

In a nationwide campaign, over 3,000 users communicated with the chatbot in the first month and 62% of them finished the 35 question survey.

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Remoska is a traditional Czech portable oven with more than 50 years of history. The Remoska management is constantly looking for ways to innovate the oven for the 21st century, so that it is still able to stand up to its foreign competition and maintain its place in not only Czech cuisine and culture. Technological research is carried out by the University of Hradec Králové (UHK), which needed to obtain information from the focus groups in a very short period of time and use it in the following research and development.


Our solution

In cooperation with University of Hradec Králové and Remoska, in only 7 days, we have deployed a survey chatbot in a nationwide Facebook and Instagram campaign to gather information, experience and thoughts, needed to further innovate this portable oven. In order to reach the focus group, Facebook Messenger was selected as the communication channel. To increase the completion rate, the chatbot gives users a chance to win the latest model of Remoska for their answers. After 1 month, over 3,000 people communicated with the chatbot, 62% of them finished the whole 35 question survey.

Results after 1 month

users communicated with the chatbot
users completed the survey
price per 1 completed survey

The greatest benefits of surveys via chatbots
and conversational artificial intelligence

  • Up to 85% higher response rate with chatbot than standard questionnaires
  • 2-3x higher engagement due the chatbot being more interactive and can remind itself
  • Saving tens of hours of evaluating the results – depending on the scope of your survey
  • Keep in touch with the users and bring them news about your activities

What have people said about Remoska

Show approximate number of calories of food, a notification when the food is ready in the selected tone, save own recipes. Michaela H.

It could have temperature control, it could be taller for baking, it could have more compatible baking tins, but most importantly it should stay its own and retain its charm. Dana M.

I would like a voice alert to the end of the cooking or baking process. Petr S.

It should have a transparent lid, a base with wheels for easy handling, the double outer casing should be not overheated even during baking. It would be nice to cook in a steam and have a audible signal of the beginning and end of baking. Vojtěch D.

It should definitely be taller and should have the ability to set an alarm. Also child safety lock. Hana K.

Setting the time when the oven should switch itself off. Please no digital displays – they are difficult to control with wet fingers. Lukáš P.

What has the client said about us

For our company, cooperation on this method of questioning was largely unknown, because we have never used this method of questioning before. However, the results, especially the speed of preparation of the chatbot, and also the speed and number of completed questionnaires really surprised us and we can only recommend it. We anticipate that in the future we will use a similar method using a chatbot to find out the information needed for the further direction of our company. Petr Vaněček, M.Ec., CEO @ Remoska

Despite the fact that the questionnaire provided by us had 35 questions, Feedyou, thanks to its experience in addressing the focus group, managed to adjust and structure it appropriately and very quickly so that it was possible to launch the entire chatbot campaign within a few days. We also greatly appreciate the operational realistic previews of our own pre-launch investigation. The resulting number of completely finished questionnaires really surprised us, while the number of suggestions from open questions provided us with very valuable feedback. Petra Marešová, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Student Affairs & Cooperation with Practice @ UHK

The semi-structured questionnaire focused on the interest and conditions of cooking, ideas about the design of the product [Remoska], supplemented by a minimal personnel socio-economic profile. It was very important to evaluate selected product features, which allow us to get an idea of ​​the priorities of individual customer groups. Also very interesting were the open questions about the future direction of the product, its advantages and disadvantages. A significant number of respondents expressed great satisfaction with Remoska products, many years of positive experience and named key features. At the same time, they welcomed the interest in product innovation and modernization and provided a number of suggestions. Although the processing of the open questions texts is a bit difficult, it allows us to bring new ideas and a better understanding of customer attitudes, emotions and requirements. The results of the questionnaire survey will be used in the design of product innovation within the development of the new generation of Remoska. Jiří Horák, Dr., Senior Researcher @ UHK

The current cooperation with Feedyou was implemented on the basis of scientific research in the preparation of an applied project. Therefore, for me, this cooperation on the questionnaire in the form of a chatbot was an opportunity to see the real process and its result, which really exceeded my expectations especially in the speed of achieving the finished campaign and programming the chatbot, but also the final great visual form of the solution. Ondřej Krejcar, Ph.D, Vice-Rector for Science & Creative Activities @ UHK


About Remoska

Remoska’s portable ovens of the same name brought up 3 generations of chefs worldwide, but you won’t read about them in the newspapers. Remoska has been dazzling with its culinary delights for already 60 years and became a part of the Czech culture and cuisine. Now Remoska has to battle its mostly foreign competition and prove it is worthy of Kitchen 4.0 with new modifications & enhancements.

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