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Social Media Survey

More than 1,000 social media specialists shared information about their jobs, habits and even wages, during a chatbot powered survey.

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Despite the fact that there are already 5.7 million people on social media in the Czech Republic, companies still underestimate the professional administration of their profiles. It is often not clear how to take care of social media, who should take care of them, how much money to ask, how much time to spend, etc. In the Czech Republic, where social media are very young, there was no accurate data and information. With Eliška Vyhnánková, one of the greatest personalities in this field, we decided to find the answer to these questions right at the source.


Our solution

Eli┼íka’s chatbot named Pepa was deployed on Facebook Messenger to reach the right people at a place they know the best. To gather crucial information on respondents’ jobs, habits, their usage of social media and more field related topics, Pepa walked them through an entertaining and relaxed survey. More than 1,000 users have shared information, that most of them wouldn’t consider casually sharing. With a record average conversation duration of 19 minutes and 56% completion rate, chatbot Pepa became the most valuable asset to this survey.


Chatbot solution awarded for its research contribution

Eli┼íka Vyhn├ínkov├í, a social media expert, together with Michelle Losekoot, won the first place in the ‘Zlat├Ż st┼Öedn├şk’ competition in the category of ‘Use of Social Media’, using the chatbot in a research for her book ‘Jak na s├şt─Ť’.


Survey results after 3 months

users communicated with the chatbot
completed the survey
average conversation duration

The greatest benefits of surveys via chatbots
and conversational artificial intelligence

  • Up to 85% higher response rate with chatbot than standard questionnaires
  • 2-3x higher engagement due the chatbot being more interactive and can remind itself
  • Saving tens of hours of evaluating the results – depending on the scope of your survey
  • Keep in touch with the users and bring them news about your activities

What they’ve said about us

Our collaboration with Feedyou was full of enthusiasm and discovery of new possibilities. I enjoyed finding out what is currently possible with implementing chatbots. I learned that the key to success is not just the technology itself, but well-prepared content (as always). Together we prepared a chatbot named Pepa, who not only entertained the users, but also managed to bring answers to our questions. Eliška Vyhnánková, Author & Social Media Specialist


About Eliška Vyhnánková

For nine years now, Eli┼íka has been helping companies and individuals change their social networks for the better. She offers complex but also beginner friendly trainings, consultation and has founded and led Social Media Academy, a semestral project for social media specialists, for the past 4 years. She is the co-author of the book bestseller Jak na s├şt─Ť.

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