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Automating various processes in technical support, recruitment of new advisors, and real estate buying/selling.

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SwissLife and Fincentrum were looking for ways to automate a range of processes in technical support and the recruitment of new financial and real estate advisors. SwissLife has an extensive network of specialists and managers, and the success of their work largely depends on functioning IT technology and applications in use. Chatbots could rid them of repetitive tasks and allow them to focus more on communication with clients.


Our solution

Together with SwissLife, we have started developing a total of 4 chatbots in Czech and Slovak. IT support chatbot started solving real-time problems 24/7 and providing help immediately without any unnecessary waiting. New financial advisors were able to join the train through a simple but effective recruitment chatbot. Buying and selling real estate has become far easier due to a comprehensive chatbot solution.

Technical support chatbot available 24/7

Chatbot helping in various categories.

  • Reporting IT service downtimes in the Fincentrum group
  • Helping with the purchasing of licenses
  • Helping with internal application functionalities
  • Resolving GDPR-related queries
  • Specifying certain IT support queries, and connecting them to the right person who is best qualified to handle the problem

Buying & selling real estate with a chatbot

Chatbot became a valuable asset for real estate specialists.


Defining Intentions

The chatbot can help people looking to sell their real estate or buying one based on preferences. Sellers can set-up a meeting with a specialist to valuate the real estate first.


Specifying Details

In a few simple steps, the chatbot gathers information about the property – type (family house, flat, commercial …), size in square meters, and price.



Based on the location of the seller/buyer, a SwissLife specialist will take over the communication and lead the client to his goal based on the information from the chatbot.


About SwissLife

Fincentrum & Swiss Life Select is a leading financial consulting company in the Czech Republic, which provides comprehensive financial services at the highest quality level. It is part of the Swiss financial group Swiss Life, a leading provider of pension and financial solutions in Europe with a tradition of more than 160 years. Through quality financial advisors, SwissLife helps private and corporate customers prepare for their financial future and lead lives according to their own ideas.

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