Virtuální obchodník – konfigurátor EN


Virtual Businessman


A businessman who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Always ready to talk to all your customers.


Noticeable effect of increasing turnover after connection.


Maximum satisfaction of your customers.

    Step 1

    Select type

    Simple and fast product ordering, effective product information, unique solution on the market ...
    Offer tailored to customer needs, automated communication between brokers and customers, operational internal communication ...
    Automation of processes for service and sales, lead management, increasing customer satisfaction, automatic customer communication ...
    Explanation and offer of financial products, provision of contractual documentation, internal communication between traders ...
    Step 2

    Select solution

    Intuitive communication from top to bottom, e.g. product presentation, quick finding of required information, easy communication orientation.
    Connect your systems to maximize assistant efficiency and performance.
    Provide a quick response when the user needs it. Information for customers and salesmen.
    Step 3

    Select addons

    Connect the most used chat tools - Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Mluvii, SmartsUpp.
    Output your data via PowerBI, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Office 365.
    Other addons available on request.
    Direct support for assistants on social media. The price includes a credit of CZK 4 000 for one location.
    Involve online payments within sales processes. Pricing according to your requirements and use.

    Production price from
    info We will specify the finish date in return, approx. 3-4 weeks.


    Monthly fee from
    info Price includes 60 000 interactions per month, support, hosting.