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Referral partner

  • Recommend new clients to Feedyou (license or custom solution)
  • MYou can only mediate contact, or even participate in business negotiations, but Feedyou will cover the entire sales process (specifies the project and implementation with the client, subsequent support L1-L3 [1] and the development of cooperation)
  • For a closed contract with the recommended client, you will receive a 10% commission from the annual contract [2] (10% from the implementation as well as from the operation and administration or from the license, for a period of one year) [3]

Sales partner

  • Hand over the deal to Feedyou, cover the entire business process, prepare the project specification, close the contract
  • In case you close the contract with the client, you will receive a 20% discount on all prices (license price, implementation, and operation)
  • In case Feedyou closes the contract with the client, you will receive a 20% commission on all prices (license price, implementation, and operation)
  • If your annual turnover exceeds 200K EUR, then for this year you will get another 5% of all orders – the total commission is then 25%
  • If your annual turnover exceeds 400K EUR, then for this year you will get another 10% of all orders – the total commission is then 30%
  • Similar to the Referral partner, Feedyou oversees the implementation of the solution, followed by L1-L3 [1] support and the cooperation development

Solution partner

  • Take use of the Feedyou Platform, build custom solutions or ready-to-use solutions for your customers
  • The revenue from these implementations belongs to you, you only pay Feedyou for the license, deployed virtual assistants and interactions (according to the price list)
  • Sell ​​the Feedyou Platform license to your customers, cover their onboarding and subsequent L1 + L2 [1] support
  • Buy licenses from Feedyou with a 30 – 60% discount [4] according to the following criteria:

    • From MRR 0 EUR – 30% discount on the license
    • From MRR 25K EUR – 40% discount on the license
    • From MRR 60K EUR – 60% discount on the license
  • In case you want a custom solution for your customer by Feedyou, the role of Sales Partner applies to you (20% discount / commission from the order)

Technology partner

  • Integrate Feedyou Platform (usually the platform itself or “ready-to-use” virtual assistant solutions) into your own products or systems
  • Individual partnership conditions apply

[1] L1 – Questions answerable by referring to the Feedyou Platform documentation; L2 – Requirements that cannot be solved as L1, reviewed by technical support; L3 – Ticket to developers – cannot be solved by the standard technical support procedure, always handled by Feedyou.

[2] The commission is paid from the standard monthly fee according to the contract/price list, it is not paid for additional bots, interactions or Makers.

[3] The partner always invoices the commission only after the client pays the agreed price to Feedyou. External costs (e.g. campaign credits) are deducted from the deal before the commission is calculated.

[4] The discount does not apply to the partner’s own license.


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