Simplify HR communication with virtual assistants

Are you feeling overwhelmed by repetitive questions? Simplify your work and gain more time for real contact with people thanks to virtual assistants.


Focus on the people, we’ll solve the routine for you

Use a helper to handle majority of repetitive communication with candidates and employees.

Responds even outside working hours and on holidays

Always communicates in your language and tone

Recognizes suitable candidates and recommends them to you

Schedules interviews based on your availability

Connects to your systems, monitors GDPR

Collects feedback from employees

Case study


Our chatbot simplified the preboarding process for blue-collar jobs at SKODA AUTO

We’ve simplified the recruitment process with a chatbot that collects information, documents and forms the basis for contracts with new employees.

96 %

users successfully onboarded

At the Czech Post, we use a chatbot to deliver candidates to the right positions. Even at night, at the weekend, or on public holidays.

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Panasonic Automotive’s triple award-winning chatbot solution for recruiting manufacturers from Serbia, Ukraine, and Romania.

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Lack of young talent? At the Central Bohemian Region Police, we’ve put the first uniformed chatbot name Polda in service.

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What do our customers say

“Chatbot recruitment has saved us up to 230 hours in 3 months which we would have had to spend using conventional recruitment methods”

Markéta Dejmková, Panasonic Automotive Systems Czech

“The cooperation with Feedyou is flawless and incredibly fast. We know we have a strong and innovative partner.”

Jitka Součková, Grafton Recruitment

“Chatbots provide us with the recruitment and onboarding process, including the necessary data integration into the newly deployed HR system.”

Mgr. Monika Pohlová, SKODA AUTO

Who else are we helping


“Our clients often get surprised just how quickly we can deploy virtual assistants.”

– Jan Horak, Head of Operations

Where can they help you

With virtual assistants, you can improve recruiting, onboarding, internal communication and feedback collection. But above all, you save money, time and energy.


Recommends suitable positions to the candidates according to their requirements and experience. For you, candidates will only be preselected if they are truly worth it.


Collects input information and documents for you, creates the basis for contracts or perhaps helps with the initial training of new employees.

Internal communication

Answers recurring questions and helps employees with taking a vacation or using company benefits. Also takes care of the training of your employees.


Efficiently collects and evaluates feedback in real-time. Results are available at any time in a clear, interactive report.

Build once, deploy anywhere

With virtual assistants, you’re within arm’s reach of people anywhere. Through voice and text, on different apps or devices.

Connect with your HR/ATS system

We can make your assistant even more powerful with two-way integrations.

And with Rest API, we can connect basically anything else.

Try our virtual assistants

A demonstration to help you understand how our virtual colleagues work.


Ring our voicebot

Call our voicebot and schedule an online or physical meeting in selected times. We’ll send you a confirmation SMS too.


Text our chatbot

Check out how our chatbot Feedie introduces Feedyou on the “About Us” page and looks for talented people who would like to work with us.

Design, create, launch. Together.

We will build tailor-made virtual colleagues just for you. Their deployment is often mere 4 weeks away. And naturally, you will have our full support the entire time.


How does it work?

Analyzing you and your needs

Creating your assistant

Testing and adjusting

Releasing into the world

Interested in HR powered by chatbots?

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    Take the creating into your own hands

    Fancy taking the creation of virtual assistants into your own hands? Get started now with our Feedyou Platform.

    What do people often ask us

    We tried to answer the questions that most often concern our potential clients.

    Absolutely! We have already helped find drivers, manufacturing workers, IT technicians and other specialists. The more people you look for, the more efficient the assistant will be and the sooner you’ll see a real payoff.

    Virtually nothing. We can handle the creation and deployment together, technical things like deployment to career sites or support with integration into your system can be handled directly with IT. After that, we’ll train you and you can arrange further adjustments and development with us, or we’ll give you the keys to the Feedyou Platform and you’ll be in control of everything yourself.

    Of course. We have tested and prepared integration to majority of the most used HR systems in the Czech Republic – for example Teamio, Datacruit, Recruitis or SAP Success Factors. All you have to do is plug in. But we can also handle other communication channels and platforms, both common and less widespread.

    The more work you leave to your assistant, the sooner it will start to pay off. On average, he saves up to 20 minutes in the candidate screening phase. And in the case of questions, we can do the math – let’s assume, for example, that he handles at least 40% of them. The value of one question or request is at least 75 CZK. And then it’s simple math. If you have to answer 1,000 questions a month, 400 of them can be automated and you save 30,000+ CZK.

    It always depends on the industry and what you mean by conversion. In the case of Grafton, more than 10,600 out of approximately 20,500 users left us contact details in the chatbot. That’s a conversion rate of 52%. In the case of IT positions, we achieved a conversion rate of 23% after a quarter of a year and 57% after 10 months. In short, virtual assistants work.