Virtual assistants help your business grow

Just as your e-shop is open 24/7, customers expect round-the-clock customer care. Yet as many as 62% of questions come in outside business hours. Fortunately, virtual assistants work around the clock.

Be there for your customers anytime, anywhere

No matter what you sell, at least 30% of questions are repeated. A virtual colleague not only handles these questions but also helps you make the sale.

Handles seasonal fluctuations and operational peaks

Always on time for work – running 24/7

Connects to a live agent when needed

Understands even the most complex products

Connects to your systems and warehouse

Learns to speak any language

Case study


Chatbot helps with managing 43,000 properties

In just 5 months of operation, we have saved operators the time associated with setting up more than 3,000 customer requests. In total, more than 5,300 tenants have communicated with the virtual assistant.




Chatbot Anna in Toyota arranges 50 test drives every month. Anna will help you with finding the perfect car for you and schedule a test drive at a dealership.

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Handling the most frequent questions at Up Czech Republic. Up to 700 clients monthly with an average time of 1.5 minutes to answer a question.

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In a nationwide survey for Remoska, over 3,000 users interacted with the chatbot in a month and 62% of them answered all 35 questions.

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What our customers say

“Chatbot is a wonderful helper not only for us, but also for our clients. It helps them with property price estimates and/or takes their contact details, thus bringing us new business.


“We are constantly “nurturing” our chatbot by adding more information. At the same time, we have also created a virtual assistant Petra for a targeted marketing campaign. I want to highlight Feedyou’s flexible approach and full support.

Petr Mikoláš, Up Czech Republic

“During the COVID-19 crisis, thousands of companies turned to us hoping we could help them. Thanks to Feedyou’s fast and professional work, we deployed the chatbot in record time.

Jakub Čacký, Czech Chamber of Commerce

Who else we are helping



“Customers today don’t care that it is the virtual assistant that answers them, as long as it is done correctly and without waiting.”

– Petra Uxa, Head of Customer Care

What can they do?

Our virtual assistants shine in e-commerce. Let’s see where they do the most work…

Status and order change

When will my package arrive? And what if I ordered the wrong size, can I change it? A chatbot or voicebot can handle this without operator supervision.

Complaints and returns

Setting up a complaint, as well as information about its progress, is a breeze for virtual assistants. Connecting to your system saves operators important time.

Product availability and delivery time

What slows down the operator, the chatbot and voicebot love. Thanks to the warehouse system connection, the virtual assistant keeps a perfect overview of the products and responds immediately.

Shopping guide

The customer may not always know exactly what they want. Advise them and guide them to their dream product. The virtual assistant can order the product straight away to make the customer experience as good as possible.

Customer profile

The virtual assistant can easily change your address and phone, including SMS or email verification. Forgot your password? No problem, it can reset it in a matter of seconds.

Additional sales

A guitar comes with strings, a coffee machine with coffee, and a new Xbox with a game. Teach your assistants what to offer, whether it’s products or services like extended warranties.

Satisfaction survey

Do you take pride in your reputation? Find out how your customers liked your services and what you need to work on. We can even help you link your reviews to product comparison sites if needed.

Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere

Virtual assistants will work perfectly on any website, but also on social networks, mobile apps, or touchscreens. In other words, wherever your customers are.

Live operators? But of course…

Most situations can be easily solved by a virtual assistant. However, if the situation does call for human intervention, it will create a ticket or simply connect the customer to a live operator right away.

Design, create, launch. Together.

We will build tailor-made virtual colleagues just for you. Their deployment is often mere 4 weeks away. And naturally, you will have our full support the entire time.

How does it work?

Analyzing you and your needs

Creating your assistant

Testing and adjusting

Releasing into the world

Interested in our virtual assistants?

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    Take the creating into your own hands

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    What do people often ask us

    We tried to answer the questions that most often concern our potential clients.

    That’s why we offer people the most common situations right at the start and lead them to the answers in the most direct way within a few seconds. At the same time, we give the chatbot a personality that makes the conversation fun. And if the chatbot still doesn’t cut it, they always have the option of switching to a live operator.

    We always offer a callback to the operator for the more complex questions. This is one of their strengths – non-standard situations. We will continuously improve and train the chatbot to best handle the standard ones.

    Simple – you get a lot of questions about the same topics. It doesn’t matter whether you have a call centre or answer people yourself. Typically, you’ll appreciate their services during seasonal peaks, new service launches, or product availability questions.

    The more work you leave to the assistant, the sooner it will start to pay off. And in the case of questions, we can do the math – let’s assume, for example, that he handles at least 40% of them. The value of one question or request is at least 75 CZK. And then it’s simple math. If you have to answer 1,000 questions a month, 400 of them can be automated and you save 30,000+ CZK.