We’ve become a Microsoft IP Co-Sell Ready Partner – Feedyou

We’ve become a Microsoft IP Co-Sell Ready Partner

Premium benefits, support and access to the latest Microsoft innovations for us, our customers and partners.

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Vojtěch Dlouhý
CEO & Co-Founder @ Feedyou

15. 12. 2021

We have become a globally recognized Microsoft partner. The Microsoft IP Co-Sell Ready partnership brings superior benefits, increased support and access to the latest innovations from Microsoft for our Feedyou Platform and our customers and partners.

To provide our customers and partners with high-quality, flexible and easily scaled services, we build virtual assistant solutions (chatbots and voicebots) on Microsoft Azure Cloud with the option to operate under our Azure subscription or directly under the customer.

Successful certification within the Microsoft IP Co-Sell Ready partnership, including, among other things, financial and GDPR audits, means superior benefits for us, and especially for our customers and partners. Thanks to the partnership with Microsoft, we receive access to the latest information about Microsoft´s technology, products and services, which we then use to improve our own solutions.

Together with you, our customers, we can apply for funding for your projects from the Microsoft ECIF program.

The abbreviation ECIF stands for End Customer Investment Fund. Loosely translated, it is an investment instrument for end customers of Microsoft and Feedyou, for whose projects we can jointly apply for financial support. This is most often in the range of USD 10,000 – 30,000 and is directed towards innovative projects in the Data & AI area (i.e., for example, implementing or developing your existing virtual assistant, chatbot and voicebot solutions). For more information about the ECIF program click here.

We can help you find out how to get support from Microsoft.

Are you a Microsoft customer, using or planning to use Microsoft Azure Cloud? We would be happy to find out about support options for your virtual assistant project.

Microsoft Azure Cloud is available in 60+ regions and 140+ countries worldwide, leveraging a proprietary low-latency, high-availability infrastructure. In addition, data is stored in customer-designated data centers (for example, in Western Europe). Source: Microsoft 2018

We also receive improved business and technical support thanks to the partnership, which allows us to deal with challenging requests from our customers more quickly, fulfilling their needs and expectations. The partnership also ensures improved access to additional information from the field of technical materials, training of our employees as well as the opportunity to work on joint projects and organize joint events, workshops or seminars.

“Any company that develops its own software product or service and resells it to its customers has the opportunity to join the Microsoft Partner Program and benefit from the benefits depending on the company’s stage of development and needs. In addition to access to technology and consulting, sales and marketing collaboration is also important for a fast-growing young company with global ambitions like Feedyou. Feedyou is now not only able to sell its services running on Azure directly through the Commercial Marketplace, but also has access to our sales team when it needs to collaborate on significant business opportunities. Feedyou is taking full advantage of its potential and the opportunities that Microsoft’s partner program combined with startup support brings to drive rapid growth.”

– Filip Řehořík, Senior Partner Development Manager – B2B ISVs & Startups | Microsoft CEE

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