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5 tips for using voicebot for outgoing calls

Find out how voicebot can strengthen your communication strategy and improve your outbound customer relationships.

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Kateřina Kopecká
Marketing Manager @ Feedyou

19. 4. 2024

“Hey! This is voicebot!” or 5 tips for using voicebot on your outbound line

It’s a familiar situation. Your order hasn’t arrived, the angry follow-up email is lost somewhere in space time, and you have no choice but to call customer support. The phone rings and, after a brief pause, you are greeted by a voicebot this may startle you a little at first, but in the end, it doesn’t come as a complete surprise. After all, voicebots answering incoming calls are quite common these days. But did you know that the voicebot can also pick up the receiver “itself”? Let’s take a look at what a voicebot can already do for you.

1. Need to conduct a survey or collect feedback? Voicebot.

As we’ve already mentioned, a voicebot is not there only to answer calls – it can also actively retrieve the information you need. A voicebot can conduct satisfaction surveys among your customers, collect feedback on new products or services, and also gather valuable market intelligence, allowing you to better understand your customers’ needs. It can then write all the information it collects into your system in real time and with all the details you need.

2. Do you want to share news and special offers with your customers? Voicebot.

Let your voicebot reach existing customers with news, special offers or reminders of upcoming events. A voicebot can effectively inform your customers about new products or services, which can lead to increased interest and sales. Are you missing a “call to action”? Voicebot can handle that too. It can gauge interest from the customer – and perhaps even set up an appointment straight away – directing them to the website or, if necessary, transferring them to a live colleague.

3. Would you like to reach new customers? Voicebot.

A voicebot can also be a great tool for reaching potential customers. Through personalised conversation, it can engage new customers and attract them to your products or services. This approach can be much more effective than mass mailings or other forms of marketing.

Tip: Take advantage of integrations and automate routine steps. With integrations to third-party tools, you don’t have to manually enter instructions; just connect the voicebot to your database and enter a rule that tells it when to call, who to call, and with what message.

4. Want to sort through leads and candidates? Voicebot.

Don’t want to waste your time with “cold contacts”? A voicebot can also help you to sift through potential customers, clients or candidates. In the call, the voicebot will check interest, ask for key information, and determine the suitability of further contact with a human colleague.

5. Do you need to alert a client to outstanding or unpaid invoices? Voicebot.

Debt collection can be unpleasant and often time-consuming. Who wants to have to urge forgetful sinners to pay every month? A voicebot can be your ally in this area as well; it can automatically alert you to outstanding, unpaid invoices or overdue payments, allowing you to respond quickly and minimize losses. What’s more, you won’t have to go through the exhausting, verbose calls.

So what do you say, have we convinced you that a voicebot is not just a tool for receiving calls, but that it can easily become your reliable communication and business partner? All you have to do is give it the right instructions and know how to use its potential to the full!

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