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5 tips on how a voicebot can help you with incoming calls

Voicebots save you time and money. They bring improvements to customer experience, personalize services, and automate various repetitive processes.

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Kateřina Kopecká
Marketing Manager @ Feedyou

13. 2. 2024

Voicebot, Voice Assistant, or Smart IVR. It’s about technology that understands human speech and can respond to it using voice. Why should companies start looking into it, or outright allow it into their teams? Convenient and efficient communication between humans and computers brings countless benefits. Voicebots save time and resources and bring better customer service, personalized service, and automation of many processes.

5 situations to help with in incoming calls

1. Answering the most common questions

Very often, customers call just because they can’t find the answer to their question anywhere else or are simply a little too comfortable. Rather than browse your website or any other resource, they’d rather pick up the phone and ask your operators. But this puts a strain on your customer service line, and the customers themselves can be put on hold waiting to get through to an operator.

Deploying a voicebot in this case is a fairly common and simple solution. We train the voicebot on FAQs so it can resolve repetitive queries on its own. However, we can go even further. Only live traffic will show us the real behaviour of callers, and based on this data we learn, develop, and improve the voicebot now and then.

How do we train voicebots to answer the most common customer questions?

  1. Based on operational data, such as transcripts of calls with live operators, we create a set of topics to teach the voicebot.
  2. We don’t have to rely on input data alone. The voicebot can listen carefully and, based on real caller queries, it can gradually expand its knowledge and answer more and more questions that come in from customers.

2. Arranging appointments

Arranging an in-person or virtual appointment is undoubtedly one of the most common requests people make to customer service. This is across a variety of industries. However, you can now safely leave it to a voicebot to arrange an appointment.

Thanks to its connection to the calendar, voicebot is able to offer the customer an available appointment, select a suitable date and time and then enter the appointment directly into your system and calendar. The result? You already have the appointment scheduled in your calendar and your customer receives a confirmation via SMS and an email notification as soon as the call is over.

3. Resetting passwords or recovering access information

Honestly – who hasn’t managed to forget their login credentials, and maybe block their entire account?There are situations where password reset is relatively easy, such as via email. Sometimes, however, the whole process is much more complicated due to higher data security. For example, if you forget access your online banking.

Voicebot can handle this task too. Thanks to its connection to internal systems, it can track down the caller and authenticate them itself. This verification step is very important. It saves work for the operator, who does not have to go through the whole verification process with the user again and can get straight to solving the user’s problem. Thanks to automated authentication, sometimes the caller can do without the operator altogether – for example, he can have the voicebot generate a new password in the client system or the voicebot itself can reset the blocked access.

4. Forwarding the request to the appropriate department

Voicebot can accurately record the requested information from the caller and then automatically forward it to the appropriate third-party system. The human colleague no longer has to manually transcribe this information into the correct system and can get straight to the task of handling the request.

The enquiry can be about anything – a holiday request, a shift change or a new benefit. The voicebot processes the information and creates a ticket directly in the internal system. However, employees can also contact the voicebot about any technical problems, where the request is entered directly into the IT system if it does not know the answer itself.

5. Smart routing to a live agent

Voicebot is great at listening and evaluating the topic of the caller’s query. What does this mean in practice? I’m sure you’ve already encountered the fact that before you were connected to an operator, you as a customer had to indicate the topic of your query by tapping a few digits on the phone in sequence. Which is a bit of a pain, isn’t it? Fortunately, today there are other ways.

The so-called SMART IVR allows you to ask a voicebot, which recognises the topic of the call and immediately transfers you to the correct operator. This is a much more convenient and faster way for the caller to get an answer to what is bothering them. In turn, the voicebot saves you a lot of expensive internal call transfers and costs thanks to its efficiency.

How much will you save with voicebot?

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