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Chatbots that speak all languages

Hello, hola, bonjour! With Feedyou, your virtual assistant can speak as many languages as you need. And even simultaneously.

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Tea Navrátil Šimonová
Former Head of Conversation Design @ Feedyou

30. 5. 2022

Let your chatbot communicate only in your language so that it understands you and your customers well, or go with other ones as well? What about Polish, isn’t it a language closer to your environment? And when someone from Romania or Italy pops up? We’ve got your back! Your bot can speak all the languages ​​you need.

More languages ​​can mean a wider scope and a better understanding between the bot and the user, and therefore between you and the potential customer. At the same time, it is a signal to the user that you are accommodating and want to understand them. With the content mutating feature, within our Designer, you can speak with users in any language you can think of.

Benefits of content mutations

Having a chatbot in one or more additional languages ​​is useful wherever your goal is to reach customers from abroad. Or if you want to recruit foreign workers living in your country, but do not speak your language very well.

The great thing is that you don’t need a separate bot for each individual language. You have all mutations/variants in one place where you can manage them and at the same time, you are sure that the communication will be uniform. Images, videos, GIFs… it will work in all variants. You also don’t have to decide in advance how many languages ​​you want to include in your bot: content mutations can be created at any time, and you can add languages ​​gradually…

“You can teach as many languages to a single bot as you want. And add new ones gradually.”

How to teach the bot a new language?

Fortunately, it doesn’t take months or years for chatbots to master a foreign language. Adding another variant to the chatbot does not take more than a few minutes. You just select that you wish the bot to communicate in multiple languages ​​and choose which ones. Next, there are two options for adding translations:

  1. Proceed Step by Step
    • in order that you manually type in the message’s translation into the Step (building block) itself
  2. Or choose the easier road:
    • Export the entire content into an (Excel) spreadsheet file
    • Make translations yourself or send the file to an external company
    • Simply import the translated file back into the Designer, which will pair it with the correct Steps

You can then switch between languages ​​in a menu that appears immediately after setting the mutations.

What’s left to do now is to choose, which mutation should run. There are more options here too:

The first option is to let the users choose. The introductory message will be in several versions, and they can use a button to choose in which language to continue. This is an ideal option when deploying chatbots in different places – for example, on the web, and on Facebook.

The second option is to make the decision for the users. If the website allows users to switch to another language, the chatbot can also be linked to this feature. The moment the website visitor selects Spanish on the page, the bot will immediately communicate in Spanish as well.

And a third option: If you have a separate site for a foreign language, where you want the same chatbot as on the default page, but of course in the relevant language, the mutation will solve that too. This is because our chatbots can also make decisions based on the URL address and will launch the correct language for the user.

“Feedyou’s chatbots can make decisions based on a URL and run the correct language for the user.”

You can easily create a language mutation on the Feedyou Platform, and provide translations yourself and thus have complete control over the content but you can also leave it all to us.

Mutations can do so much more

Content mutating isn’t just a useful feature for language variation, although that’s probably the most common use. You can also use it for a different tone of voice – for example, one version of the bot will be launched on Facebook and will be more relaxed and friendly to users, while the other on the website can be more serious.

The procedure is always the same – the structure remains preserved and the content can be varied. Content mutations bring you one step closer to your customers and offer them more convenient communication.

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