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Leave paperwork to virtual assistants

Chatbots and voicebots are able to take care of so much work that HR can once again focus on the important work directly with people.

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Petra Uxa
Head of Customer Care @ Feedyou

16. 6. 2022

Human Resources may sound like the easiest job in the world. All they need to do is talk to people, maybe organize a picnic for the employees once in a while, and every time you see them, they are happy and full of smiles.

What is rarely mentioned is the overwhelming amount of necessary administration. Or the pressure HR is under when the management needs them to find and train multiple employees at once. Especially when „quality people are nowhere to be found“. Add some sort of development plan, feedback collection, and about a million other activities, and it becomes clear that it’s not all as easy as it may look.

Tell me where the people are…

We need 10 operators at the call center, and we need them yesterday. Do you often hear something like that? Your new virtual partner can help you find the right people, making the recruitment process much easier, because:

Day or night, the chatbot can talk to anyone

Up to 45 % of communication takes place outside working hours. Chatbots and voicebots are operational 24/7 and they can provide precise answers regarding position detail. What’s more, they are not limited to just Czech and Slovak language, we can teach them any language necessary.

Finds the right employees in record time

With us, you get the opportunity to reach out to candidates on social media through targeted campaigns. The chatbot can then use the collected data to create a simple, standardized CV to give you an improved summary of the candidate. If the candidate doesn’t meet your criteria, the chatbot simply won’t let them through to the end, and you get more time for the truly relevant candidates.

Quality preparation before onboarding will pay off

Found the right people? Congratulations! However, don’t celebrate just yet, because you are entering the boring, but crucial, “phase zero” of onboarding, which is the bureaucracy. You will need to collect your candidates’ contact and personal info, account number, scans of IDs or permissions to stay in the country. This is a process that is rarely finished without reminders… And this is where automation comes into play to save you some time. And we are definitely not talking about just a couple of seconds.

No need to remind candidates

This is an awkward situation, both for you and the candidate, and at the end of the day, you are lucky if they even pick up the phone on the first try. Voicebot reminds the candidate if a certain document is missing or that they need to fill in some data until a certain deadline.

Let go of a huge chunk of the administration

Recruiting dozens or even hundreds of new people each month creates a huge amount of bureaucracy. So why should you have to handle all of it? Your virtual partner can save the collected data into your internal systems, and you don’t even have to correct anything. There is no need for candidates to travel because they scan the documents for you from their own living room. And it’s up to you where the data should be saved. It can be your internal HR system, just as well as an Excel Table. We’ve simplified the entire process right down to the core, so that on the first day, the newcomer can sign the contract straight away.

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