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IPEX & Feedyou: Experts in true omnichannel

We partner with the best in the industry, including IPEX – one of the largest contact center providers in the Czech Republic.

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Petra Uxa
Head of Customer Care @ Feedyou

22. 8. 2022

We enter into partnerships with only the best in business, and IPEX happens to be just that – one of the biggest contact center providers in Czech Republic. Thanks to joint projects, we can fulfill our shared vision: Make customer care easier and more effective as well as use chatbots and voicebots to improve relationship with both customers and employees.

Today’s customer wants answers to their questions without waiting. They don’t care whether it’s on the web, Facebook or anywhere else. They don’t care if it’s shopping in an online store or checking prices in a brick-and-mortar store. To succeed, you must deliver the correct information in the shortest possible time regardless of the communication channel.

The unbeatable combination of a human operator with a virtual colleague

“A live agent must communicate with our customers at all costs. We pride ourselves on a personal approach. A chatbot is impersonal and wouldn’t be able to respond.”

These are the most common concerns of many companies. However, because of them, they often come to the edge of what live operators can handle during seasonal peak times, for example. And then customers have to wait for their turn anyway. Yet it’s often the simplest of queries that can be resolved in seconds, such as order information, complaints, product availability or product details.

However you communicate with your customers, a combination of live and virtual agent is ideal. A chatbot or voicebot knows no holidays, responds 24/7, is always in a good mood, answers dozens or hundreds of questions at once, and above all, always responds the same way and doesn’t overlook anything. But even a bot can’t solve everything, so the customer should always have the option of being connected to a live agent. The latter can engage empathy, provide the best individual care and can deal with more complex cases. Read how we look at such a connection at Feedyou here.

“However you communicate with your customers, a combination of live and virtual agent is ideal.”

Omnichannel: once a competitive advantage, now a necessity

Omnichannel is the buzzword of the past few years, yet it’s „only “ about being able to communicate with the customer across all the available channels and manage all conversations from one environment simultaneously. But what does that really mean?

For example, the customer does not care whether they buy from an e-shop or a brick-and-mortar store. Similarly, they can cancel their order via their favorite social networks – in short, they communicate from the channel they prefer. It is essential to keep customer information in one place, including analytics, and then segment all available data. This is necessary for better cost utilization and further development of any company.

Feedyou and IPEX partnership in practice

IPEX is one of the largest contact center providers in the Czech Republic and their domain is robust solutions. They assign the data collected from a communication, whether it is an email, a phone call or a comment on Facebook, to a specific user. In addition, they provide the possibility of instant reconnection to a live agent. At Feedyou, we add a perfect knowledge of chatbots and voicebots, conversational design, and integration to various internal systems. This proven collaboration is in place, for example, at Direct Insurance or on the Avenberg.cz website.

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