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Virtual colleague for the entire employee journey

Chatbots and voicebots take away a lot of work and paperwork, allowing HR to focus on working with people.

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Petra Uxa
Head of Customer Care @ Feedyou

20. 10. 2022

It is not in the power of any HR manager to devote himself to each employee to the extent he would like. Therefore, they must find a way to make their job easier, but at the same time ensure that the level of care for people does not decrease. How can a chatbot or voicebot help?

Onboarding like clockwork

“The first week you’re going to do this, the second week you’re going to do that, the third week you should be doing this…” Planning the first days for new hires is something you master. But they also want to know where to go for a coffee or lunch, what is the name of the colleague next to them… And a thousand other things they will overwhelm you with and cut you off from the time needed for other employees.

But what if you give them a virtual colleague who, like you, knows the first and last thing about the company and who does that work for you? A virtual assistant will show new employees where to go for lunch, introduce them to the company culture, and have the patience of a saint with them even if they ask the same question for the tenth time. What’s more, studies show that 69% of employees who go through quality onboarding stay with the company for more than 3 years. However, only 12% of employees think their employer provided them with great onboarding. You have a chance to change that.

Feedback? Collected and processed!

Do you value feedback to improve your company’s environment? But when it comes down to it, you’re short on time or have to prioritize something else? Save yourself the hassle and have a virtual partner on hand to handle this task for you in no time. Whether you want feedback for the Christmas party or a new manager, the chatbot will take care of it.

Chatbot gets people to open up

In addition, the chatbot can make your employees more open to you. In our experience, people prefer to share unpleasant issues with a virtual colleague rather than a real person. Such is the fear of being misunderstood or judged. A chatbot will listen to them and give both parties time to think and respond appropriately.

When it’s time to move on

Offboarding can become a messy affair that comes with a lot of paperwork. However, a chatbot can take care of this paperwork for you and get the exit documents from the employee, including the final feedback. So, if the employee’s parting with the company is going well, you’ll have plenty of time to say goodbye in person, shake hands and look forward to maybe meeting up in the future. Otherwise, you’ll just shake hands, look forward to the awkward moment being over, and be grateful to the chatbot for sparing you from further communication about the necessary paperwork.

Employees will appreciate it, you’ll love it

The virtual assistant will not only help with recruitment, but will become a guide for employees from the first to the last day in the company. Employees will perceive it as a nice colleague, whom they will not be afraid to ask anything. For you, it will be a reliable HR assistant who will perfectly handle the boring part of the work and administration for you.

So it’s already certain that you need a new chatbot colleague. And technology won’t be an obstacle either, because we can connect our assistants to almost anything with an API and speak any language. And if you’re still not convinced, take a look at specific examples of how virtual assistants for HR can help you.

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