We’ve become a Microsoft Top Tier Partner – Feedyou

We’ve become a Microsoft Top Tier Partner

We are the first startup in central and eastern Europe to receive the highest Microsoft partnership status.

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Vojtěch Dlouhý
CEO & Co-Founder @ Feedyou

11. 1. 2023

Two years ago, we participated in the Microsoft for Startups acceleration program. Since then, we have become a globally recognized partner of Microsoft and, as the first startup in central and eastern Europe, we have received the status of:

✅ Microsoft IP Co-Sell Prioritized Partner,

✅ MACC Eligible Solution,



What does that mean for us, our customers and our partners?

First and foremost, it brings premium business and technological advantages to all that use our Feedyou Platfrom to automate their repetitive processes and communications through virtual assistants (chatbots and voicebots). Let’s take a closer look at the individual statuses.

Microsoft IP Co-Sell Prioritized Partner

In 2021, we became a Microsoft IP Co-Sell Partner, which gives us access to the latest information about Microsoft’s new technologies, products and services. In addition to that, we have also acquired full business and technological support. We cooperate with sales representatives and specialists in fields such as Microsoft Azure or Cognitive Services. We all have one goal in common – to provide you with the best solution possible.

In 2023, we managed to become Microsoft IP Co-Sell Prioritized Partner. That means we have a special standing among our Microsoft partners and receive even better support for our customers’ solutions.

“Any company that develops its own software product or service and resells it to its customers has the opportunity to join the Microsoft Partner Program and benefit from the benefits depending on the company’s stage of development and needs. In addition to access to technology and consulting, sales and marketing collaboration is also important for a fast-growing young company with global ambitions like Feedyou. Feedyou is now not only able to sell its services running on Azure directly through the Commercial Marketplace, but also has access to our sales team when it needs to collaborate on significant business opportunities. Feedyou is taking full advantage of its potential and the opportunities that Microsoft’s partner program combined with startup support brings to drive rapid growth.”

– Filip Řehořík, Senior Partner Development Manager – B2B ISVs & Startups | Microsoft CEE

We are already taking advantage of that support with our more advanced solutions that function in multiple language mutations or are integrated into various third-party systems and technologies.

These are the components we use most often to develop the skills of our virtual assistants (chatbots and voicebots):

✅ Microsoft Azure Cloud,
✅ Cognitive Services (STT/TTS, LUIS, Realistic AI Voice Generator etc.),
✅ Integration with CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Office 365,
✅ Modern Workspace (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva),
✅ Microsoft Power Apps,
✅ Microsoft Power BI.

We can also apply for financial support for our clients’ innovation projects thanks to the ECIF program.

MACC Eligible Solution

If you belong to Microsoft’s prominent clients, you may have agreed to the MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment) plan, where you commit to a certain amount of Azure Cloud usage in exchange for more beneficial prices.

Thanks to our Feedyou Platform being MACC Eligible solution, as our customers, you can add the Azure usage of your virtual assistants to your MACC plan, contributing to its fulfillment.

“Startups are a key partner for us in the innovation of agile organizations. By actively participating in the Microsoft IP Co-Sell, MACC and PR ACR programs, we can better support customers and their deployment preferences with Feedyou. At the same time, we are taking our co-selling collaboration to the next level, as the partner solution entitles customers with an Azure contract to lower their overall commitment to the solution. Together, we can simplify the buying process for customers while offering them better service.”

Robert Mihok, Enterprise Channel Manager | Microsoft CZ & SK

You can read more about MACC here.


Are you not using Microsoft Azure Cloud yet? No problem! At Feedyou, we will deliver a virtual assistant solution as a service (Software as a Service) on our Azure Cloud subscription.

This way, you don’t need to worry about anything. And when we say anything, we really mean anything, not even security and scaling in the future. Thanks to PR ACR (Partner Reported Azure Container Registry), we can provide you with maximal support both from us and Microsoft.

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