The ZAT Customer Day was an ideal opportunity to deploy the chatbot to collect applications from its suppliers, customers, partners and the professional public.

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  • Problem

    Our client ZAT, who deals with automation, wanted to use the opportunity of ZAT Customer Day to obtain as much information as possible about what their suppliers, customers, and the professional public would be interested in, what information they would like to hear about, and what they wanted to see on the Customer Day in order for them to sign up for activities as easily as possible. At the same time, the client wanted to collect and evaluate feedback from the participants as quickly as possible after the end of the event.

  • Our solution

    We delivered a chatbot for ZAT that communicated with potential participants before the event itself, collected data, and enabled participants to sign up for individual lectures and workshops. After the activities, the chatbot collected instant feedback so that the client had enough data they could potentially use to improve in the years ahead. We sent the chatbot to the target group via e-mail.

2 weeks

people out of a total of 200 who were sent the chatbot via e-mail ended up communicating with the chatbot
people signed up for lectures and workshops with the chatbot
as many clients signed up as opposed to regular mail

About ZAT

ZAT a.s. is the oldest Czech company in the field of technological process automation, with 55 years of experience. It is a recognised supplier, especially in the fields of nuclear power engineering, classical power engineering, surface mining and transportation of raw materials, gas, transport and industrial processes. The company is based in Příbram and has branches in Pilsen, Slovakia and Cuba. It has its own development, design, manufacture, installation and servicing of electronic equipment, and control systems and their components. It is also a certified manufacturer of medical devices.

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