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Voicebot Lexi streamlines data recovery access, effectively saving multiple departments hours of work each month.

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Up to 20% of employees forget their access credentials every month. Previously, employees had to ask their manager to submit a request into the helpdesk and then wait 2-3 days for their request to go through a complex process. This situation posed a significant problem in a continuous operation. Another problem was the administratively demanding distribution of access data to new employees. The whole process was not only time-consuming but also inefficient.


Our solution

The brief was clear: we needed to make the whole process faster, more automated, and more efficient. To achieve this, voicebot Lexi helps today by fully digitizing the process and allowing employees to easily and quickly resolve their needs online, without having to interact with a live colleague. Just call, state your needs, and Lexi will take care of it in minutes. The voicebot is available 24/7 and speaks currently 9 languages.

“In late 2022, we launched Lexi, our first voicebot solution for internal communication with employees, powered by seamless integration with SAP Success Factors and multilingual capabilities. I’m delighted to see the significant time savings Lexi has brought to Foxconn, and her positive impact on both client and customer satisfaction.”

Iva Panchártková, Account Manager @ Feedyou

The long process is now history

Onboarding new employees

Previously, access data for new employees was created and distributed through the administration department.

Today, new colleagues are introduced to Lexi who provides them with their access credentials within two minutes after a simple phone call. This way, Lexi saves the staff time and the costs associated with traditional data distribution.

Password recovery

Previously, production employees lacked direct access to the helpdesk. If they lost their password, they had to submit a request through their supervisor who would create a ticket. This ticket would then be forwarded to the HR IS Specialist. The specialist would provide the new password to the colleagues in the administration department and inform the supervisor of the update. Finally, the employee in question would only be allowed to retrieve the new password in person, and the entire process would take up to 2-3 days.

Thanks to Lexi, the process is much more efficient today. Lexi is available to all employees night and day, so they can simply call and receive a new password within minutes.

How does it work today?

You call, we verify

An employee calls Lexi from their phone number. Thanks to the connection to SAP SF, Lexi recognizes who is calling and in which language to communicate with the employee. It first verifies whether the phone number is in the system. It also retrieves other necessary information such as nationality, employee number (ID), and more.

Sending password

Before sending the password, the second part of the employee’s authentication takes place by asking an additional question on a selected number from the user’s profile. After successful two-factor authentication, Lexi generates a new strong password according to predefined criteria.

We report the results

The solution includes PowerBI reporting on password reset requests, both successful and unsuccessful.

From a technology perspective

Numbers that make us happy

It used to take up to 3 days to resolve a request, voicebot Lexi can do it in 2 minutes.

calls per month
of calls are handled automatically
average call duration
languages Lexi speaks
of calls are in a foreign language

What they say about us

Thanks to Lexi, employees don’t have to wait, they can call 24/7 and still speak in their native language, which is a great advantage for us. Thanks to detailed reporting, we have accurate and up-to-date information. We use this data to educate our employees with Lexi and to provide an overall overview of its use. I also want to highlight the good and seamless partnership with Feedyou. Zuzana Keprtová, HR IS Specialist @ Foxconn

In a company with almost 5,000 employees, it is essential to have as many processes automated in HR as possible. The birth of Lexi was therefore inevitable. We are proud of the accessibility and quality of the service we provide to our employees through it, and in multilingual form! An indispensable tool for us administrators is the reporting with detailed analysis of call data, which the service provider Feedyou has developed for us. We chose the name Lexi because it is a shortened form of the ancient Greek word for helper. Martin Andrle, HR IS Specialist @ Foxconn


About Foxconn

Foxconn is a multinational corporation headquartered in Taiwan in Tucheng, a special district of New Taipei Municipality. In the Czech Republic, it has factories in Pardubice and Kutná Hora. Foxconn is the world’s largest manufacturer of electronics and computer components, which it mainly produces for other companies.

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