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Simplifying the preboarding process using a chatbot that collects information, documents and forms the basis for contracts with new employees in SAP Success Factors.

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ŠKODA AUTO is one of the largest employers in Czech Republic, hiring dozens of applicants every month. With this amount, the onboarding process gets more difficult, as there is a lot of information and documents that the employee must provide in relation to the company’s human resources department, which significantly utilize the working day of HR specialists. New employees were providing legal documents, personal and contact information directly at the recruitment centers thus prolonging the onboarding process.


Our Solution

To simplify the entire preboarding process, we have prepared a chatbot that handles all the necessary communication regarding the onboarding of a new employee. The employee has the option of filling in the chatbot in the ŠKODA AUTO recruitment centers, or from the comfort of their home via a secure website in their phone or PC. The users enter their employee ID, which was assigned to them in the ATS SAP Success Factors system, and continue by filling in personal data, such as name, number of children, and uploading files – e.g. proof of the highest level of education. All data are securely, and in accordance with GDPR, sent to SAP Success Factors, where contracts are automatically generated, ready to only be inspected by HR specialists.

Chatbot handles following


Personal Data Collection

Chatbot securely collects new employees’ personal data – their name, phone, e-mail, country of birth, birth number, number of children and their information as well. Chatbot immediately verifies the correctness of the entered data to proceed to the next step.


Uploading Documents

New employees (not only) from the Czech Republic must provide proof of the highest level of education attained, and foreigners must also provide the proof of residence permit. All documents are easily and securely uploaded directly to the chatbot.


SAP SF Storing

All collected chatbot data is transferred in a comprehensive form to the SAP Success Factors system, in which documents for payroll purposes and contracts are automatically created and ready for final human inspection.

Results for 2021

people hired thanks to the chatbot
people successfully onboarded
average conversation duration

Microsoft Azure Cloud

For enhanced security considering the personal data and documents collection, the entire chatbot solution was moved to a private ŠKODA AUTO Microsoft Azure Cloud subscription, without interfering with the possibility of making adjustments in the chatbot conversational flow at any time.


SAP Success Factors Benefits

Collect input information from employees and create employee profiles in SAP SF automatically. Let employees change personal data and much more. All fully compliant with GDPR.

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What they’ve said about us

At SKODA AUTO in connection with the new HR strategy and the deployment of the new HR system SAP SuccessFactors, we also faced great challenges in the form of transformation of existing processes. Chatbots are now in charge of the recruitment process / process of joining the company, including the necessary integration of data into the newly deployed personnel system. Specifically, this includes the global collection of personal data, papers and documents required from the candidates who want to join the company and the subsequent onboarding. Cooperation with Feedyou is professional, fast and flawless. The deployment of the chatbot took place in a short time, when the team had to flexibly adapt to major changes linked to SKODA AUTO processes. I especially appreciate the close cooperation, their flexibility, realistic and constructive views on the complexity of possible solutions and on further development. I also appreciate their support in launching the new HR system and their subsequent hyper care. Mgr. Monika Pohlová, Product Owner, Onboarding Module @ ŠKODA AUTO a.s.



ŠKODA AUTO is the largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic with a yearly turnover of 15,6B EUR (2018). The company’s headquarters are in Mladá Boleslav, where the largest production plant is located. Within the Czech Republic, ŠKODA AUTO has two other production plants, namely in Kvasiny and Vrchlabí. Since 1991, it has been part of the German Volkswagen Group. In the long run, it is the largest Czech company in terms of sales, the largest Czech exporter and one of the largest Czech employers.

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