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To help polish the HR processes of Grafton Recruitment, we have deployed 5 chatbots in 5 languages with record breaking conversion rates.

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Grafton Recruitment is a leading provider of solutions for recruitment, agency employment, talent management and human resources, placing 1,903 full-time and 8,001 temporary employees in 2019. They’re constantly looking for new job candidates using their job portals and social media, targeting mainly the passsive ones regardless of their specialty. However, candidates on job portals often do not enter their CVs and the results from Facebook job advertisements cannot be analyzed and, above all, directed to CRM. The subsequent processing of information thus took HR specialists too much of their valuable time.


Our solution

Together with the client, we analyzed their needs and set up the production of a total of 5 chatbots in 5 languages – Czech, Slovak, Polish, English and Russian. The chatbots provide recruitment across industries – manufacturing, IT and white collar workers. It brings the client the opportunity to view all data comprehensively and ready for further analysis but most importantly in their own CRM system. Chatbot effectively replaces CVs of candidates, who did not provide them, with collected information.


Chatbot solution awarded in Microsoft Awards 2019

Together with Grafton Recruitment, we have won the 1st place in the prestigious
Microsoft Awards 2019 competition, in the category of Artificial Intelligence.

Total results since 1/2020

Chatbot for Manufacturing Workers

users communicated with the chatbot
users shared contact information
conversion rate

Record breaking IT chatbot conversion rate

Chatbot for IT oriented employees after 3 and 10 months

users shared contact information
users shared contact information

What they’ve said about us

Working with Feedyou is flawless and incredibly fast. The deployment of all chatbots took place, despite the scope of our cooperation and the number of chatbot conversational flows and language mutations, in an unusually short time. We also appreciate that, based on our experience, the entire solution is constantly evolving and improving. We feel that we have a strong and innovative partner. Jitka Součková, Marketing Manager CZ&SK @ Grafton Recruitment


What’s next

All language mutations of the chatbots are constantly evolving, we are expanding the integration into the client’s CRM so that more valuable information about the candidates can be delivered. We are focusing on preparing a possible expansion of chatbots for other European countries. Together with the parent company Gi Group, implementation of chatbots in Germany, Poland, and in other countries later on, are in motion. Grafton has also launched their own referral program chatbot for their employees. The Feedyou technology allows them to build even more personalized chatbot solutions for their clients.


About Grafton Recruitment

Grafton Recruitment is one of the largest recruitment companies in Europe, acquisitioned by Gi Group in 2018, making their way into the TOP5 staffing agencies in the world. They have been providing organizations permanent and temporary jobs for more than 30 years. Grafton Recruitment operates in four​ countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. Only last year, they placed more than 5,500 full-time candidates, secured approximately 8,000 temporary employees, and processed more than 18,000 payrolls.

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