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Handling 43,000 properties tenants’ requests and complaints has never been easier than with a complex chatbot solution.

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Heimstaden Czech (formerly known as Residomo) owns and manages over 43,000 properties in the Czech Republic. With this amount, there are countless requests, technical problems and complaints from their tenants. Heimstaden has been solving these requests using standard methods – telephony and emails, which lead to overloaded operators and mailboxes. Individual requirements had to be catagorized by operators and sent to other departments via email, then handed out to the technicians. The information was far from structured and complete, thus prolonging the entire process.


Our solution

Together with Heimstaden Czech, we started working on a comprehensive solution for handling tenant requests. The aim was to speed up and simplify the work of operators and technicians. Thanks to the location of the chatbot in the client zone, we know the details of the tenants’ living before they even start the conversation (where they live, on which floor, what utilities they have). Thanks to the integration with CRM, we then send structured data directly to the client’s system, which categorize itself and then proceeds to individual departments and technicians. On top of that, Heimstaden operators have a single place for handling communication with tenants, whether it is chat, mail or telephony, which can be further automated as needed.

Chatbot handles requests in following categories

In these 3 main areas, the user can choose from more than 120 requests.



Entrance doors and bells
Roofs and eaves
Common areas and cellars
Outdoor stairs
& more


Housing Units

Gas inlet
Damaged floor
Insured event
& more



House order
Overhaul execution
House condition
Behavior of employees
Discount due to tech. condition
& more

Chatbot integrations

Thanks to these integrations, Heimstaden is able to make the most of the chatbot’s potential.


Structured Data

Chatbot sends structured data to the client’s system – the type of request, completion time, technician visit date and even photos taken by the tenants. These information are sorted and sent straight to the relevant department and handed out to the technicians.


Tenant Information

Thanks to the integration of the chatbot directly in the client zone, we know where the tenant lives, on which floor and what utilities they have. Chatbot verifies whether the utility is still subject to a complaint, if yes, it creates the request on it. The tenant can schedule a date of the repair by a technician in the chatbot. It automatically offers tenants over 60 to pay for all repairs.


Call Centre Operators

If the chatbot does not know the answer to the question, or if a system error occurs in the integration, the user is automatically switched to the currently available call centre operator. All existing data from the chatbot is stored and used in solving the tenant’s problem.

Results after 5 months

users communicated with the chatbot
created requests/tickets
on average to create tickets

Made possible thanks to a strong partnership

Get most from your chatbot with partnerships that work.



O2 covers the entire collaboration and ensures the smooth process among subcontractors.



Mluvii provides an omnichannel platform for communication with the chatbot and a connection to call centre operators.



TescoSW is a developer of Heimstaden’s tailor-made system for property and tenant management, containing all information incl. their home utilities.


What’s next

The entire solution is further evolving, the integration is getting smoother and wider. We are expanding the chatbot with additional sections and tenant requests, as well as with to natural language processing and understanding to improve customer experience. At the same time we are preparing a new chatbot flow for other types of requests to cover even more repetitive queries, especially in operations. Another main goal is to provide call center employees with the opportunity to enter and process requests directly in the chatbot.


About Heimstaden

Heimstaden Czech (formerly Residomo) is the largest provider of rental housing in the Czech Republic with a yearly turnover of 122M EUR (2017). It owns and manages over 43,000 flats in the Ostrava region and the Moravian-Silesian region. In May 2020, Residomo was acquisitioned by Heimstaden, one of the leading residential property companies in Europe, managing over 54,000 properties in Nordic countries, creating a new branch in the Czech Republic.

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