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We created a chatbot – a real estate agent. Day and night, he helps customers with housing and the company with increasing sales.

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At NEXT REALITY they have a lot of projects and their heads are full of ideas on what chatbots could help them with – pricing properties, introducing new products, attracting customers, etc. A whole team of virtual teammates that will grow with the company. The management was attracted to the idea of going the smart route, where „machines do the work for us”. This gives them time and space for other activities.



The devil and the competition never sleep. And neither does the chatbot in NEXT REALITY. We’ve created a virtual broker that looks after customers 24 hours a day, dozens at a time. At the same time, we gave the company an imaginary key (meaning license) to the Feedyou Platform, where they can launch more new helpers into the world.

What can our first Next Reality chatbot do


Collects new contacts

The virtual assistant listens carefully to every visitor of the website and passes on promising leads to his fellow brokers. Voilà! Gain (almost) without pain!


Prices a house on hold

…or an apartment, land, garage, garden. The chatbot asks the customer for all the details and estimates the price right away. This was made possible by cleverly linking it to the property price map.


Is available 24/7

Up to 1/3 of visitors come to the NEXT REALITY website outside working hours. And the chatbot is there for all of them. It’s almost life-like, but unlike us, he doesn’t need to sleep, eat and is always in a good mood.

These numbers make us happy

chatbot projects on one licence
contacts acquired in 12 months
average chat duration

Simple chatbot

At NEXT REALITY, they love how easily they can create and set up chatbots themselves. It’s like a game that also helps the company grow and make money!


They help wherever necessary

Chatbots are running on the main NEXT REALITY website as well as smaller sites of other projects. The visitors will reach them on their own. And if they don’t, they’re lured in through advertising.


All in one

Improve your current virtual assistants, invent new ones and keep track of the interesting results they bring – all from one place in the Feedyou Platform.

What did they say about us

Thanks to the Feedyou Platform we are able to deploy chatbots on new projects on our own, or quickly modify existing ones according to current needs. The chatbot itself is a great help not only to us, but also to our clients – in several steps he helps them with estimating the price of the property, leaving contact and choosing the form of further communication, and brings us new business at the same time. This type of automation is central to several of our projects and helps us grow. Building our own assistants is not complicated and Feedyou is a reliable partner in all situations. Jan Babka, Marketing a PR @ NEXT REALITY


Try the new „Chytře bydlím“ chatbot

At NEXT REALITY, they had acquired their “chatbot nursery” license, were trained on everything and then taught one of their chatbots to present the cooperative financing program to customers. Oh, how proud we are! The chatbot will help with common questions from visitors. Feel free to come and try it out yourself.



NEXT REALITY was founded in 2006 by Robert Hanzl and Roman Vlasák in order to change the reality of the real estate market. They wanted to prove that the real estate craft can be done with integrity, in the interest of the client and with quality care for their people. Today they have a strong branch network across the Czech Republic, which operates on a franchise partnership. The number of clients who have sold, rented, bought or leased property with NEXT REALITY over the years has reached an incredible 110,000. This has been made possible by the quality of service, a modern call centre, their own legal department and well thought out marketing of their contracts.

Does this story sound like it could be yours?