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Police of the Czech Republic

With a shortage of young talent, we’re intervening with our first uniformed chatbot named Polda.

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The Czech police are short on colleagues and it is often difficult to reach potential candidates at all. Law enforcement officers were therefore looking for a way to get closer to the younger target group and find new talent among them. And that sounds like a task for a chatbot assistant… We’re off to hit the ground running!



We dressed up a new virtual colleague in a police uniform – chatbot “Polda”. We put Polda on duty on Facebook, where he swiftly recruits young talent from the Central Bohemian region. And the result? In the first 3 months, Polda got 37 applicants. You think that’s not enough? We’re not gonna lie, police recruitment isn’t easy. Still, Polda helps simplify a very extensive recruitment process.

“I once applied to the police myself. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, but thanks to the chatbot Polda, who I had the opportunity to design with my team, I have at least partially fulfilled my police dream.”

Jana Kup, Account Manager

Polda’s amazing features


Breaking the ice

In order to break the ice and make communication with the younger target group more interesting, we taught Polda a few police jokes. After he tells them, users can share their own with him.


Real colleagues

Thanks to the great materials provided by the Police, we were able to share photos and videos of real police officers doing their work with the candidates in Polda. This increased the overall trustworthiness, created a nice atmosphere during the conversation, and gave a face to the communication on Facebook.


No entry

Like any good recruitment chatbot, Polda knows which way is a no-go. He carefully asks candidates about their spotlessness, health, and education, among other things, so that he can bring truly suitable candidates to the recruiters.

Polda’s results in 3 months

acquired CVs
jokes learned from the candidates
conversations outside working hours

“We are proud that we were able to create a virtual colleague for the Police of the Czech Republic, one that clearly sends a message to the world that they are not afraid of innovation and modern technologies. This is one of the great achievements of Polda.”

Jana Kup, Account Manager

What did they say about us

The virtual assistant offers a new and modern way for us to reach more potential applicants for a job with the Police of the Czech Republic. Because of that, we are now closer to a younger target group and at the same time, we show that we are keeping up with the current trends. Our recruitment process is long and extensive, so simplifying and speeding up any part of it is great help. Chatbot Polda actively brings us pre-selected candidates, who are then easier to work with. Working with Feedyou is a step in the right direction. mjr. Mgr. Bc. Vlasta Suchánková, Head of Press and Prevention @ Police of the Czech Republic


What’s next?

Together, we are preparing an extension of Polda for the pre-onboarding process. There is a lot of information that new colleagues have to provide to recruiters. Up to 10 documents and forms could be handled by the new chatbot. What makes this onboarding process special? For example, applicants must take pictures of their tattoos. They upload the photos directly to Polda who passes them on with all the information.


About the Police of the Czech Republic

The Police of the Czech Republic needs no introduction. They have over 40,000 police officers in their ranks, and there is not a day when they are not looking for more. And we are extremely happy to be able to help.

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