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How much does an insurance specialist need to know? The Union intranet has a chatbot expert that knows answers to (almost) everything.

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Union Insurance has a wide range of products and many insurance specialists. Do you know how much such a specialist has to know? Quite a lot. Of course, they are only human and it’s impossible to know about everything. That’s why they have a knowledge base and experts in each area. But it was taking the specialists way too long to find answers by themselves (or waiting to hear from the experts). And well… they were getting a little fed up with that at Union. Sounds like a job for a chatbot!


Our solution

We’ve deployed a new virtual insurance expert for the client’s internal system. It replaces its human colleagues, and unlike them, it doesn’t feel like jumping off a cliff when asked the same question four times a day. In the first three months, it helped Union specialists 755 times and solved 88 % of cases without the involvement of any humans. Searching for helpful details of your day-to-day work is now a piece of cake.

“The former solution at Union unnecessarily burdened human advisors with answering questions. Although they didn’t want to give it up at first, we are pleased the chatbot has exceeded their expectations and can finally do it all on its own.”

Jana Kup, Account Manager

How does the virtual expert work


NLP Model

It’s a bit like an internet search engine – you ask a question, the chatbot processes it, and immediately responds with the best possible answer. And at Union, it responds correctly on the first try in 61 % of all cases.


Areas of Interest

You can also search for answers in pre-made areas of interest. The individual situations are divided into folders that are easy to navigate.


If It Gets Lost

Sometimes there are questions the chatbot can’t answer (yet). Which is why we give the users the possibility to create a ticket in the client’s system. And in the first 3 months, this happened only in 12 % of all cases.

Some numbers after the first 3 months

helped human colleagues
questions answered without human help
time spent helping even outside of working hours

What did they say about us

Despite the whole project being carried out during a difficult period of the pandemic and only through a remote online connection, thanks to the professional and intensive cooperation with Feedyou, we managed to launch the virtual assistant successfully. The result is a quality solution for our network of specialists that enables 24/7 support. Feedyou was able to advise us on our ideas and plans and was a supportive partner for solving the business matters we addressed in the project. Mgr. Richard Stránsky, Head of Customer Centres @ Union Insurance

What’s next?

Answering questions so quickly and efficiently became very appreciated at Union. So we’re about to bring a second chatbot to life, this time to help customers on the insurance company’s public website. Some topics will remain, and new ones will be brought to the table. What we do know for a fact, though, is that we will save a ton of time of human colleagues on customer support. And help them breathe…


About Union Insurance

Union Insurance (Union pojišťovna) was founded in 1992 and is one of the most experienced insurance companies in the Slovak market. It offers a wide range of life, non-life, and individual health insurance services for personal and corporate clients.

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