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Chatbot Anna will be happy to arrange a test drive in your new Toyota and discuss the latest news and technology with you.

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Toyota gave us a fairly free hand in creating the virtual assistant, but the outline was clear: We would like to sell more cars and save time answering recurring questions. When our customers learn more about the latest models on top of that, it will be great! A live agent will have the back of the chatbot, so it needs to be able to make the switch and pass the conversation too. We have a simple and enjoyable brief, so let’s hit the gas and get going!

Our Solution

We sent chatbot Anna to the official website of the Czech Toyota dealership. Not only did we teach her what and where to find on the website. We also connected her to a spreadsheet with the parameters of each model, so that she can best recommend a specific model. Interested in a test drive? Great, Anna will show you where the nearest dealerships are. The main objective is clear: to get the customer to contact us. And the in-house call centre? They celebrate not having to pick up the phone for even the smallest things.

Why does everyone love Anna?

Test drive at your fingertips

The lead is what’s most important to Toyota. The quality of our solution is confirmed by the results: Anna alone arranges about 50 test drives per month.

Good rating for good advice

The data speak for itself! Anna’s answers helped 68% of users overall, and up to 87% for questions related to new cars. Customers asking about test drives were satisfied with Anna’s answer 95% of the time.

Switching to live agents? Yes, please!

Even Anna can run into a wall sometimes… That’s why we’ve prepared a handover to live agents with our partner mluvii. Of course, Anna passes on the information she has collected to the agents, so they know exactly what the customer’s preferences are and which car they might be looking for.

Numbers that make us happy

visitors in 3 months
acquired leads
answer satisfaction

What did they say about us

Our Anna helps customers navigate the website and at the same time relieves the helpdesk with the most frequent questions. Among other things, Toyota is a pioneer in the field of electrification, and a chatbot is one effective tool to bring this topic to the attention of site visitors. The flexibility, speed of creating the chatbot and the great support of the Feedyou team was another plus for us. Petra Jílková, Marketing Specialist @ Toyota Czech Republic

Anna has a promising future

Toyota has big plans for our chatbot, and of course we’re happy to help. What exactly is in the works? First of all, Anna will head to Facebook, because so far it’s only been available on the website. The next step will be to connect it to the CRM system to make it even smarter and more useful for both visitors and Toyota. And finally, she can look forward to having her own voice and being connected to our voicebot.

About Toyota

Toyota was founded in 1937 by Kichiro Tojoda. Today, the company is the largest car manufacturer and one of the 10 largest companies in the world. Its success is also due to the fact that it localises and develops all its cars with the market in mind. This means that the research, development or production of cars for Europe happens in Europe.

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