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Creating better relationships with customers & employees

Our chatbots and voicebots will become your loyal virtual colleagues. Having your back 24/7, giving you time to focus on the truly important matters.


Why choose our virtual assistants

They answer immediately, day or night

Up to 62% of people write to you outside of working hours. If you don’t answer correctly and in a timely manner, they may not come back.

They do best in routine situations

While all questions are important, the common ones can easily be handled by a bot. That gives you a chance to focus on truly important and complex situations.

Indistinguishable from a real person

Would you prefer a calm advisor, a quirky assistant, or something else entirely? No worries, the personality of your chatbot / voicebot is completely up to you.

No more waiting for an operator

No more pressure during peak times or the high season. Shorten the query handling by up to 98% with a virtual assistant.

Connects to your own systems

ATS, CRM or CMS. We are quite familiar with these abbreviations and our assistants will have no problem connecting to them, as well as to nearly anything else with API.

Where chatbots & voicebots shine

In short: Anywhere you can find repetitive questions or situations. These are the most time-tested fields.


Recruitment, preboarding and onboarding, feedback collection, service desk, surveys, offboarding

Customer Service

Frequently asked questions, password and contact info changes, information about services, satisfaction surveys

Public Administration

Frequently asked questions, internal helpdesk, handling of requests, entering information into systems


Order status & changing, complaints, product availability, change of personal details, FAQ, shopping guide

Financial Services

Overdue reminders, financial guide, satisfaction surveys, active outbound calling

Real Estate

Price sheets connection, collection and validation of contacts, FAQ, offers creation, data entering

IT Services

Helpdesk and service desk, setting and editing a profile, password reset, document access control

Anything Else

Not finding what you’re looking for? No worries. We’re up for any challenge.


Simplifying the recruitment process at ŠKODA AUTO

We’ve simplified the recruitment process with a chatbot that collects information, documents and forms the basis for contracts with new employees.


Helping with managing more than 43,000 properties

In only 5 months, we have saved operators the time associated with setting up more than 3,000 customer requests. In total, more than 5,300 tenants have communicated with our chatbot.

We have 250+ successful solutions

Again and again, we have helped our customers out of a tight spot at the last minute. Take a look at some of their reviews.

“Chatbot is a wonderful helper not only for us, but also for our clients. It helps them with property price estimates and/or takes their contact details, thus bringing us new business.

Jan Babka,

“We are constantly “nurturing” our chatbot by adding more information. At the same time, we have also created a virtual assistant Petra for a targeted marketing campaign. I want to highlight Feedyou’s flexible approach and full support.

Petr Mikoláš,
Up Czech Republic

“During the COVID-19 crisis, thousands of companies turned to us hoping we could help them. Thanks to Feedyou’s fast and professional work, we deployed the chatbot in record time.

Jakub Čacký,
Czech Chamber of Commerce

Let’s create something amazing

Whether you’re looking for a tailor-made solution or access to Feedyou Platform, we would love to sit down for a coffee with you and discuss the possibilities of virtual colleagues in your team. With no commitment, no charge, but a smile on our faces.

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