A world-renowned manufacturer of explosives, famous for Semtex, among others, has been searching for highly specialised people. This is where our chatbot, Lucie, came in to help.

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  • Problem

    Explosia strove to present itself to students and graduates of chemically-oriented secondary schools and universities as a traditional manufacturer of explosives and ammunition, as well as the innovative inventor behind Semtex who is open to new approaches and technologies. At the same time, the company wanted help recruiting young people for the position of Technologist for Research and Manufacture.

  • Our solution

    Together with Explosia’s employees, we created the Lucie chatbot, a digital copy of the company’s HR manager, and designed a recruitment campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The chatbot’s task was to introduce the company in a simple way using the language of the younger generation, attract potential candidates and help Explosia’s HR Team to pre-select the best candidates.

6 months

of the candidates preferred the chatbot over the website
full-fledged job interviews via the chatbot
candidates selected for entry
of interview time was saved by the HR Department

Where are we now

Our chatbot helped reach out to candidates and pre-select the best ones for the Research and Manufacture Technologist position, thus saving Explosia’s HR represenatives work. Potential candidates could communicate with the chatbot whenever they wanted, both day and night. Most conversations took place at night time and in the early hours of the morning, i.e. completely outside of normal working hours. We therefore helped the company to significantly speed up the process of finding new employees, and shortened the amount of time needed to select relevant candidates.

What they’ve said about us

We were a bit sceptical about Feedyou’s visions and ideas, as it was a new project that was, for some, slightly difficult to grasp and imagine. But they were able to explain the concept so well that we wanted to try it. We are glad to have been present at the creation of something that greatly improves communication with potential job seekers while also helping us to quickly select the ones that we’re looking for now, and those whom we will only contact at a later date. We believe that Feedyou will be successful and we are looking forward to our future collaboration with them.Martin Vencl, Press Spokesperson @ Explosia a.s.

What we’re planning next

We plan to continue developing the female chatbot so that it can communicate with key technical positions while also creating a chatbot for recruiting blue-collar workers, such as mechanics, lathe operators, and machine operators. We will also focus on foreign regions and teach the chatbot to communicate in other languages.

About Explosia

Explosia a.s. is a Czech manufacturer of explosives and propellants. Its most famous product is the Semtex plastic explosive. In 1920, a Czechoslovakian shareholding explosive plant was founded in Semtín. In 1921, the company began to manufacture explosive substances in a newly-built factory in Semtín. Today, Explosia also specialises in modular cartridges for cannon howitzers and so-called smart explosives for rescue systems.

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